How to Stay in Sync Across Multiple Gadgets and Desktops



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Synchronization and sure management is really necessary. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Surely, this would truly help.

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I read your article with great anticipation. However, I noted that nowhere in the article was MS Home Server mentionned. Are there applications that MS home server users can use to sync calendars, emails and the likes? MS Home Server users already have a server that they can connect to anywhere they are. How about expanding its use as the central repository of calendars, e-mails and other files and/or application that we use across platform.

One of the attractions of doing this is that nobody will later on charge you a fee for using your own server, and with the prices of Hard drives dropping all the time, your personal storage can grow significantly. For example, right now I have 6TB of storage in my server which can be easily double as soon as the prices of 2TB hard drives come down to earth (and we know they eventually will).

 Thanks in advance for any reply and suggestions!

 PS: Can MaximumPC includes MS Home Server in their articles? MS Home Server Users need a home. Why not you?




Live sync would be an absolutely ideal file sync program if it supported network folders.  But Microsoft has specifically made the program unable to do so, citing security implications.  To me, I don't feel comfortable until I have a RAID5 NAS running in two locations with realtime file sync. 



Wow, most excellent tips dude! Well done!





No mention of Opera Link? It's a great way to synchronise bookmarks, notes, and history, and is built in to the Opera web browser (so, if you use Opera, there's no need to install any additional software). I've been using it for ages. 



I think I may give Microsoft's Live Sync a try to keep my saved game files synced up across multiple computers (desktop and laptop).  I have a sever that stays on all the time and if I could automate this process that would simply be fantastic, looking into it this weekend.  Thanks Maximum PC!



Live Mesh is one great service for synchronization ofdocuments; I’ve used it myself and have found it very useful. I would definitelyrecommend it to all my friends and family. Thanks for the post, I enjoyedreading it!

Our company just developed a cloud-hosted applicationusing Live Mesh that I think you’ll find very useful. You can take a look at ithere: If youlike it, you can help us vote for it at the new CloudApp() Contest: The appis listed at the end of the page, under the name of Omar Del Rio.



Ana Rodriguez



If you are desperate to get around the linux limitations you can install firefox with wine,  then install the extension IE tab (normal linux firefox will not work). IE tab renders the page with ieexplorer.exe, so any incompatibilities should go away. It's a great add on.



Are these guys supposed to copy your paper?



Thanks for the heads up.


Stinky Fartface

I am firmly tied to Outlook. When I recently upgraded my home and desktop computers with Vista, it broke my phone sync, which I had used to keep my home and office calendars and address books in sync (as well as the phone itself). I tried Google Outlook sync and it refused to sync most of my calendar events. It has very few options and nothing I did would convince it to sync properly. I found some vague references that Goggle sync will only sync with events that the user published themselves. I don't know what that means or if it's relelvant at all, but regardless, it didn't work well.

 I eventually discovered Plaxo which offers a very good Outlok sync function. It recognized all of my events, including meeting requests sent from my office. It supports color categorizing, task lists, and didn't screw up my reoccuring events. It's fast too, with changes in the calendar appearing within a minute on the other computer (I tested this using remote desktop). I did initially have some issues with a lot of duplicate entries, but that went away after the initial syncs.

This service is currently free on Plaxo, but I just got an email this past weekend saying that it was too expensive for them to maintain for free and that they would be moving it into their premium service package. I'm still determining if it is worth $60 a year for this service. Of course there are other services they provide as well, including a dupelicate entry remover, and they can sync with all sorts of other calendars and devices too, including many phones, but Outlook is the only one I'm interested in at the moment.



I agree the service is great.

I intentionally took them out of my writeup because of the new pricing model.

Didn't think it offered enough value for the price.



Read it cover to cover and there is so much good stuff in here.

Guess I know what i'm working on this weekend. 



Ridiculous article, will have a go at it sometime, as this is a constant problem for me.

 Great job!

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