How to Sideload Android Apps



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this does not work on the LG l9 from tmobile.



Excellent this is one of the best tutroials I've seen for this thank you, I've got loads of apps I need to convert.



After sorting out the problems of 'how to install the apps trough a file manager',ma son came to me with a new problem. He can't install his new
[url=]App Logic[/url]



Had to side load the Logitech harmony link app for my Asus transformer prime tablet running pics 4.0.3. Logitech app kept saying my device is not on the list. Seems to control my AV stuff just fine.



Astro File Manager works fine on the Kindle Fire. Of course you have to use ES file manager to get it loaded, heh.
The Kindle Fire is easily accessible via the mini USB connector. I created a directory called Temp and dump my apps to sideload into that. Once the app is copied onto the Fire, I open Temp with the Astro File Manager and select the app. It will ask if you want to install them.
Some of the HD apps that work with the Fire include:
Pinball HD for Tegra
Air Attack HD
Star Traders

One that did not work (as far as I can tell) is
Trainz Simulator



Recently I've been using my Nexus S and Airdroid to extract .apk files and then putting them onto my new Galaxy Nexus. There are a lot of apps (games mostly) that are marked as not compatible with my Gnex that work just great after sideloading.

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