How to Set Up a New PC the Right Way



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I always check my memory sticks for manufacturing defects before installing the operating system. Personally, I use Memtest86+.



I always check my hard disk drives for manufacturing defects before partitioning them or installing the operating system. Personally, I use GRC's SpinRite.

I also "wipe" all new hard disk drives clean immediately after checking for manufacturing defects. Personally, I use WipeDrive.



Is there something like secunia PSI but for drivers?



Yes, thank the Geek Gods! Try Driver Genius Professional Edition or Driver Manager (or both, one in non-paid mode as just a double checker). Personally, I like Driver Genius Professional Edition's features of driver backup/restore. ALWAYS research their suggestion to verify, for your own sanity, that the suggested driver update is truly appropriate for your hardware before updating. ALWAYS backup your machine before applying the the update. ALWAYS create a restore point before applying the update (just in case).

Happy Updating!



I feel a better way to set up the user folders is to "right-click" the folders, select properties, and location tab, then "Move" the folder to a more "suitable" location. Having a 64gig SSD, I needed to make sure Nothing would write to C: that I didn't want to. MyDocuments, MyPictures, MyMusic, MyVideos, and all sub-folders created by other programs, looking for those default folders now reside safely tucked away on my trusty OLD mechanical drive. Temp folder, TIF, Contacts, Favorites, even the Live Mail Store folder.





That fan setup is actually pretty horrendous. Positive pressure is most important. You never want more intake than exhuast. No on in their right mind would pull air in from underneath the case. 





I don't think they actually meant underneath, they probably meant lower portion of the case. And the way the picture displays the arrows was probably for layout purposes in the magazine.



My FT02 does this, and does it wonderfully.



Yes! Route cables under the tray! My current computer has a case where the cables can be routed under the motherboard tray. It was a pain in the ass to get them all jammed in there. But a little work up front saved a ton of work later. There is so much empty space in my system that the air just flows free. There is very little dust build up and temps are good. I am overclocking a Core i5-750 from 2.8 Ghz to 3.4 Ghz just on air. I have had it like that for about a year and half and never a problem.



Great article. Pidgin is a much better alternative to digsby.



This hit some excellent high points thanks! Game Save Manager is something i need to check out. Looks great!

Also thank you for telling people how to correctly backup steam games. DO NOT USE STEAM BACKUP!!




Trillian is much better than Digsby for a much smaller system footprint.


Also you should take a look at AIMP3 in ASIO and not mode and see the difference in sonic quality compared to -all- other media players (Audio not video, for that Daum Pot Player, the rebuilt KMP player, is the best for video)


I got hella other software like this, no life and no care of crashing my pc allows me to test endless waves of software and find the best.


Oh and Pidgin is a much better alternative to digsby too, uses less resources than any of them last i checked (Though I no longer use it, as I prefer trillian myself) and I believe it is the most multiplatform capable messenger.



God damn, the Google DNS speeds up youtube videos loading up significantly...

Did they throttle their services to non-google dns users? I am using a 100Mbps up and down ISP service, it works well, bittorrent reaches around 4MB/s most of the time, yet I can't watch youtube vids in 720p or 1080p (even sometimes, 480p) videos smoothly...

I really have no idea why couple months (4~5) back, it works perfectly fine withOUT the google dns...

I really hope this is just my problem, not google doing stupid restrictions for non-chrome users.



Last I checked (a minute ago) Filezilla does not have any kind of transfer limit. It's open source, not trialware.



Great Article! I only wonder why you didnot include MSE and Threatfire like you all have in the past. The only other thing that I wish this article had was instructions how to set up faster bootup through Windows7. Wonderful article guys, I will definitely reference it when I finally get to my own build!



The advanced display settings website is a little out of date. And a bit hard to use. The first slides sample pictures on the bottom show/ is not easy for noobs.

Not to mention it calls 1920X1080p uncommon. and I should be careful bc my aspect ratio is not widely used. I h ave 16.9

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