How RIM Could Save Itself



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honestly i have to disagree a bit with this article first of all the enterprise focus is a good thing it makes sure the device is really secure which can open doors for them governments etc using the devices because it is certified with us federal security think about the wikileaks situations if they have a secure base of communication/computing then there are less possibilities of leaks etc and i think the bes/bis solution does that. The management yes they may be doing a shoddy job but in a year from now after qnx is released they maybe geniuses for the acquistions etc that they made only time can tell. Yes rim could use all the developers support they can get which would b good but it would also be cool to be able to use android apps on qnx devices etc like cross platform apps. About the playbook, i really dont think the writer had one and messed with it. Especially with release 2.0 coming for it will be amazing native email support, android player etc yes they did miss some points by not having these in the playbook to start with but better later than never. Check out games like need for speed, dead space (yes expensive but ive heard totally worth it) and there is videos of the playbook out there. The blackberry bridge is an awesome tool also if u have a blackberry. you can bridge ur phone to tablet and use tools from the phone on the tablet including bbming ppl which is an amazing feature. I also disagree that bb os 7 is fine i think its a pretty damn good step in the right direction. The numbers for the last quarter were just the beginning of the release of bb os 7. Im sure if we look in the next quarter the numbers will be even better. The bold touch(9900/9930) is an amazing device and very sleek and responsive. And i guess a disclaimer I have a bold touch and i am planning to get a second one for my girlfriend and i have a playbook got it saturday and im loving the device



Sorry, but RIM is a dead man walking. They just don't seem to know it. They aren't MS, with plenty of profits to buy them more time. They will likely bleed into a loss in the next couple of quarters, and the co-CEOs aren't willing to let go. The whole QWERTY keyboard loving market segment is a dwindling minority, and he enterprise capabilities are now close (enough) from both iOS and Android devices. They had their moment of glory, but buried their head in the sand when the iPhone was introduced. They still don't have anything to match it, let alone the latest generation of smartphones.



Just bought a 9810 and compared to the original seems to work much better, the part about gettings dev's back is true in order to have more usability than it already does



As a guy with big fingers, Blackberry has always been able to accomodate me surprisingly better than many touchscreens, knowing that I don't have to sync my phone with my fingers-it works out the box. But Blackberry needs to step up their game, and badly



I just bought a BB curve 9300 and love it! But Yes, I think the company is in for some hard times in the next few years.

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