How to Replace Your Landline with Google Voice



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Does anyone have an update on how this works now? Sip Gate looks booked. How else can you do this?



I have VOIP with a Vonage adapter (router).  Will this Sipgate+Google Voice setup work with it as well?



SGT Samuel Eugene McClard II



thanks for the tripple post bu i only hit that once. please delete this and two of those.



Good tut but why would i want google recording all of my voice data in addition to everythign they already gather about me on the internet and sell to advertisers?


Peanut Fox

Every telephone conversation is recored and stored anyway. 



The worst it can do is record your voicemails (for obvious reasons). It would be illegal (at least in the US) for them to record conversations without the consent of BOTH involved parties, so even if the EULA did force you to consent (which it doesn't), both parties would have to have agreed to the EULA. When you request that a call be recorded, I'm fairly certain it plays an audible notice to both parties. Don't worry, no one is trying to steal your phone conversations to attempt to sell you things. 



Recording a phone conversation in which you are an active participant of is not illegal. Most states in the U.S. actually uphold a one-party statue.


Where it is illegal is if someone is eavesdropping or wiretapping. Otherwise they are listening to the conversation covertly in a fashion that they normalyl you would not be able to do so and not making it known it was being recorded such as the police listening in but not actively engaged in the conversation merely listening in and recording. 

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