How To: Prepare For Your Online Afterlife



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 NUMBER ONE on the LIST, NUMERO UNO, is your financial record password! Number two is the master password for Password Traker Deluxe, Roboform, or any other password manager you have.

  With the PASSWORDS, your executor can call up your financial records (a MUST as that list changes weekly). that way they know all of your assets, account numbers, where they are and what they are worth. They can deal with bills and banks and move direct deposits and withdrawals from your checking account to a new probated approved checking account. Bills don't stop 'cause you are dead, and the first thing banks do is lock up the deceased financial accounts.

  Next, passwords can let someone get into your Facebook and E-mail accounts and get messages forwarded to the executor. Again, financial stuff will pop up in the forwarded e-mails.

It is also impossible to CLOSE certain accounts without passwords. My Aunt died and I had no way to close her EZPass tag that I inheritied with her car and refund any money in it. With the password, it would have been easily done online. Otherwise, it would have had to go through probate. i just threw it in the trash as NOT WORTH IT.

Change of address! It is IMPERATIVE to get changes of addresses out there for all billings and government departments THAT YOU HAVE TURNED OFF PAPER STATEMENTS. You die in the middle of winter and they turn off the electricity because no one realizes that you don't get a paper bill and your checking account is locked. Boom, frozen pipes.

As for Facebook, E-mail, and the rest, who cares? Anyone wold does care knows you are dead, the rest would be considered trivial.

  My advice? Make sure that you have a decent password manager NOT IN THE CLOUD. I like Password Tracker Deluxe as it is old fashioned and lives only on your computer and not in the cloud somewhere. That has saved me time and time again esp when Roboform will not let me activate it without a song and a dance online after a reload.

 PASSWORDS TO THE EXECUTOR! First page in your will! Oh, and let the executor KNOW WHERE YOUR BACKUPs to your hard drive are!



What I want to know is was that photoshoped or is it an actual headstone, It looks real.


Keith E. Whisman

I have prayed hard an long about living forever and I think God is listening. My daily prayers are usually like this - "God please let me live forever, Please make it your plan to keep me alive and well for all eternity." Then I usually pretend I'm sacrificing a ram to God with one of my daughters stuffed animals. 

So with any luck, and God's good judgement, I wont be needing to worry about the afterlife.



Oddly it strikes me as funny if I could continue generating emails and Facebook entries after I'm gone.  My wife says my sense of humor is a little off.

Maybe an idea for software or a website service?  I'm going to patent my concept "Generating emails and posting to social networking sites from beyond the grave" now before Ms or Apple do.



Actually, I am just commenting so that the total DB who decided to SPAM your site below isn't at the top of the comments for this article.  That is how much I care.

Honestly an interesting and thought provoking - if disturbing - article.  Thanks... I think.



Feels good, don't it?




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