How to Justify a Kindle 2 Purchase to Your Significant Other -- 5 Case Studies (Updated!)



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Yeah, I tried to convince the Missus to go for a Kindle, even borrowed a buddy's to demo it for her. There's just something about having a physical book. In my experience women who love to read clutch books to their chest when carrying them, something that humans only typically do to other humans. I don't know that the Kindle would have that same kind of effect.



Alex, did you take into account the fact that large-scale booksellers, such as Barnes & Noble -- and even Amazon -- offer bellsellers at considerable discounts? Or did you use only the retail prices to make your determinations?



It's a shame it's US only. I have to sit here in the frozen wasteland up north with nothing to read since we burned all our books for warmth!

Why's all the good stuff taken away from us Canucks? you get Hulu, Pandora, Kindle... We get Bigfoot and rainbow money.



The sony ereader isn't all that bad and we can get it in Canada. No 3G wireless, but if you always keep 1-2 books to spare on the internal memory. I usually don't have any problem keeping fresh content on it.



I'd be more interested in the Kindle if it was guaranteed that every book I want was available in electronic form. As it is, it's just a small subset. Since the books I read tend to be tehnical and/or fairly obscure, a DRM-ed electronic reader is useless to me.



some environmentally conscious people might find it worth the extra cost (and manufacturing etc...) compared to the amounts of paper used to print all those books on.

im not one of those people...ill probably buy one if it goes under $150



I'm skeptical that the Kindle is that much more environmentally friendly, if at all, when measured cradle to grave.  It seems like the most likely scenario is that the production of the Kindle is equivalent to a whole lot of books, and only after you "save" the production on those books do you break even.  I'll bet, if anyone ever gets to that point, it would take a really long time.

 And, of course, one library book can be read by lots of users.



Doesn't cost anything to go to the library. I'll buy a Kindle when they're dirt cheap and I can rent books for it for free from the library.



Just so you can look like Spock beam me up Scotty.



The best savings, of course, come from using a certain advanced, cutting-edge technology.  Some futurists have called it a "library."  It's a little crazy, but given some time it just may catch on.



Ah, but a library has the worst form of DRM: a time limit. I don't like to be rushed through a book, and sometimes two weeks isn't enough.

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