How to Go On Vacation (Without Ever Leaving Your Computer)



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When I hit the "Print" button, there is a list of links at the bottom of the page, but in the article, references to those links ([1], [2], ...) are gone! So there is no good way to tell which link comes from where. Please fix this!



Yeah,these apps are really fascinating. I've checked into Google Earth,...can't say '"I've been evveeerrry where maaan". Still it is a great way to look at things that does not have entry,import/travel restrictions.


Some of the areas would not be presently matched views . That is they may be several years back. But checking into the local area photos/videos is plenty entertaining,and very informative.


Comparative to some of the emotional news accounts of several areas,where you might be lead to believe (such as china) people are walking in potatoe sacks etc. You can see life for how it is . An interesting aspect of viewing a mysterious place.

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