How To Erase Your Digital Footprint



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Great set of ideas, but once you've done these steps how do you ensure you remain anonymous on the web? Nobody really want to have to remember to keep performing 'vanity searches' just to be kept informed.

Our app, Neuoogle, can help manage your online profile. Simply create a search within Neuoogle with your real name, or screen name. This search is then run continually on our servers, and if we find new mentions we'll send you a push notification so you'll instantly know and can then take proactive steps to manage those new mentions.

Neuoogle is available on the Apple Store or Google Play. For more info take a look at

The Neuoogle team.



Remember, if the product doesn't cost anything, then YOU ARE the product. 



       Many individuals put too much information about themselves on the internet. Names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, e-mails and etc. will branch out to other things that were placed on the web at an earlier date allowing them to gather intelligence. So-called private social are a treasure trove for identity thieves, trackers, government, authorities, companies and whomever else that can gain access to it. Reusing a username, password, avatar or posting pieces of data in your posts allow people to dig deeper. How easy can you do that? Even you computer savvy folks out there would be surprised. Hence why you should never place any personal information whatsoever on the internet that can lead back to you.
       Even good willing honest people can become a victim of their past. Don't believe me? Have you kept of with the news as of late? Paranoid is good in terms of keeping yourself as well as your family safe from unwanted harm. Here's a simple solution, unless you're making a secure purchase from a trusted merchant, do not put any personal data about you or someone else on the internet. Put in place software security measures for better protection. In this way you reduce your footprint. Encrypt and/or overwrite data on your HDDs regularly. Computers are physically stolen every day. CCleaner does not erase old files from forensic software. Either overwriting it multiple times or literally shredding the HDD is the most secure measure you can take from discarded disks.
       For more tips about protecting yourself in the cyber realm, visit: Stay safe out there!



The more I read about Facebook, the happier I am that I never once signed up for it. No matter how well you proctect yourself, they still sell your information. You didn't think it was free out of the goodness of their hearts did you? Zuckerburg's wallet got so fat off your personal data, that's a fact.



I despise idiotbook. Always have, always will.



CCleaner is an excellent choice and I've used it for yonks (adding CCleaner Enhancer along the way), but you failed to mention that you can set it to selectively save the cookies to sites you use and trust (Options > Cookies) like, apparently, Flash Cookie Cleaner.


h e x e n

Great article. Informative and educational.

And yes, it is a total pain in the ass when the phone becomes involved. Talking to these yahoo's about deleting your data from their servers is like grinding nails on a chalkboard.

I would recommend that anyone adequately paranoid about their digital life to keep two computers.

1.Your media consumption and entertainment machine. Register the OS to a dummy name or your tag name. NEVER your real name. USE ONLY 1 CC OR DEBIT CARD FOR ONLINE PURCHASES!!!!!

2.An offline windows XP SP2 or later machine. Also register it to a dummy name. Hook the machine to the internet for the initial setup and never plug it back in again, or, only when absolutely necessary. Use flash and external drives to transfer information. Hook it up to an old printer/scanner if possible. This is where you keep all your good stuff: tax and financial documents, lucrative photos ;) digital keys, old software suites, work documents, and anything else that's incriminating or may be harmful to you or your reputation.

Or, you can still drive down the ol paper trail for most things. Anything of valued importance usually gives you the option to print an actual document (tax returns comes to mind here).

While not totally fool proof, I feel this is a good setup, one that I have been using since 2005. They can track what pron I watch and what games and videos I stream, but that's about it. If they think that kind of crap is pertinent information, they can collect it all they want.



I was on Facebook the other day and clicked on a news link a friend had posted.  The web browser opened a new tab, and loaded the news article.  At the end of the article, there was a comment section.  I was a bit surprised to see the website had received my Facebook credentails and was all ready for me to leave a comment.  It was rather scarey, having that much integration beetween the two, and any comment I had left would have been easily linkable between the two sites.  That was the day I stopped using Facebook.

On a side note, for you with Netflix streaming, check out the documentary Erasing David.  Most of it we know, but the information requests he gets back from companies was rather interesting.  His infomration packet was huge.

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