How Blind People See the Internet



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This article could not have been timelier for me. I have a long history of vison threatening eye problems thus the possibility of blindness has always been in the back of my mind. As a long time power user I have often wondered what I would do if the worst case prognosis became a reality for me. This week I was brutally reminded of the possibility when retinal bleeding blinded me in my left eye. Whether or not the condition is permanent remains to be seen. Though my right eye remains good, it does have some of the same afflictions that could at any time render me totally blind. But I am not one who believes in coincidence. Your article was very informative and I suspect I will be doing further research into the subject. Thank you.



It's an interesting article indeed! Me thinks that's what MPC need to write more about in the future (and not just iCrap)



Interesting article.  Now I'd like to read the experience of a blind person himself and how he copes on a day to day basis.

I've created some webpages and find their pespective of value.  Don't commercial websites test their source code for compliance before posting... or do they?



Somebody could make a web browsing phone number that you call and listen to the internet just my talking and listening*. not that anybody would use it but...


*Charges may apply



i hope they get tons of ads like i do.



great article. thanks!

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