History of the Uncanny Valley



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Thank you for the information. This is another learning. As a whole, it is adorable. I got a lot of oints through reading this post.

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Thank you for sharing. The topic is interesting. More visits to come. Keep it up.

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However, if it looks too real, i might pay too much attention to the female characters more than playing, so keep it somewhat real, leave a bit in the cartooniness realm so i can differentiate in future game titles. Bioware got it right with Mass Effect 2. Stellar female bodies, but Miranda's butterface kept it all in check for me.

Good if the story/gameplay sux, but worse if i want to actually play through to the end.



If in-game characters seem realistic, what about games where you kill people? People might all of a sudden feel guilt about killing someone who looked uncannily human. I'm just sayin' that it could backfire and do we need to give people like Schwarzenegger more ammo?



The picture of the robot reminds me of the fembots.



That "female" robot at the top of the article is pretty damn scary!  If I saw her in an alley, I would be more frightened of her then a Terminator.  //SHIVER!!!



Yes!! I gotta agree with you there! Something about the eyes and dark mouth. There are a few shots where she looks good. 1 & 7. The rest are all wrong!




I think it is funny a robot spammer is replying to a robot-related article. lol.



The lady robot looked okay with eyes closed in the first picture.

After that, she just looks fake because the eyes are so unrealistic.



bergie berg

This brings to mind StarCraft II.  After countless years and a bajillion dollars of development in some of the best studios in the world, the cut scenes and story lines were miserable.  Characters stood or gestured awkwardly most of the time, had absolutely zero emotion in their expressions, and generally made it feel like the cut scene direction came from an N64 game.  The story lines were similar; parts of the story that seemed extremely important were completely left out of the rest.


I dunno.  I was disappointed in it.  For a studio with that much time and money to produce something...subpar.


Comonnnnn Half Life 3.



Great article, really enjoyed it.

I believe it will get there, but as a surgeon once said to me: "To learn how to walk, you must take Baby steps"

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