Here Today, Gone to Maui? Hands-On with AMD's HTPC Platform



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I love AMD, but why can't this platform do audio through HDMI? Don't all of the Radeon HD cards support at least 5.1 though HDMI?



Here's my sweet home theater PC setup:

Inexpensive mid-range Gateway laptop with HDMI output + HDMI cable + my HDTV's HDMI input.

Hulu rocks on this setup. Do we really need a dedicated HTPC?  I can envision wireless HDMI transmission from another pc to your TV.


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That CPU cooler looks like the Rad from my car...

That motherboard looks awesome! i want one! make them affordable and ill buy one! 




Until a few years back I worked in the high end audio industry, and I honestly can not see that card producing a true 100 watts per channel. If somthing that small really did produce that amount of power you had better have a really good power supply. Generally when manufacturers quote inflated wattage numbers with puny hardware they are quoting what I like to call the "if lightning strikes" wattage. Which basically means, in order for it to produce the listed output you'd have to strike the thing with lightning to get the amperage and or voltage up high enough to support it. So, if you want real quality home theater sound, don't toss out your pioneer receiver just yet.



Did someone forget to inform the people behind this that people with a Home Theater PC might have, I don't know, a HOME THEATER with a receiver?  Even supposing that I could replace the Blu-Ray and DVD playback capabilities of set-top boxes, I'm still going to have at the very least a DVR/Cable/Satellite box, and perhaps a gaming console or 3.  If I have a surround sound setup, you better believe I'm connecting that to the receiver.

 At which point, all of the time and resources AMD spent on this proprietary and ultimately useless internal amplifier is for naught.

 It's sad, and on top of that, this platform addresses none of my current concerns with HTPC platforms, which are mainly size, energy consumption, and content handling.  Blu-ray on PC is an abomination. I remember when PCs were actually preferable to set-top DVD players because of the initial price/performance gap. PCs have never been preferable, and due to draconian DRM BS, probably never will be.



I do not have a dvr, or cable tv, or satellite... so articles like this interest me...



Agreed. What I would really like to see in an htpc is cablecard support so I can get rid of my DVR all together.



This looks really good actually.

 I'd actually add a PCI-E sound card that offers audio over optical SP/DIF, but other than that, it looks awesome!


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quad core is overkill



Notif you're ripping movies or play blu ray.  Or both.  Or doing any trascoding, or running heavy filters or time shifting.  There's lots of room for a quad core in a HTPC. 


Besides, quads are beoming so main stream, I give it only a year before we star seeing the demise of the dual core.

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