Head to Head: Spotify vs. Rdio



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Rdio: Not available where I live.

Spotify: Available.

Guess what I choose?


I have also tried Deezer (web/ HTML5 player) and RaRa (web/ flash player)

both horrible performance, browser gets laggy, even when using Chrome.

And grooveshark is a giant mess, its just a pile of music, cant get through it. It also has alot of songs in its database like 50 times, makes searchin really hard.


Its Spotify, then Deezer for me.

If I lived in the USA, probably RDio or Spotify and then Deezer.



Funny here in Canada its the opposite.

I can't get Spotify, yet I get Rdio. Made the choice easier for me.



Ive checked out Rdio with a proxy, and I love Rdio's design and touch.

Spotify is made by Mac users, the UI looks horrible in my eyes, but it does do the job.



Not even close to the biggest, Grooveshark is by far larger, whatever you wanna say about it, it IS a streaming music service, therefor does fall into this catagory, GS is like, triple the size of Spotify? Spotify's Audio quality is garbage due to the media type they use, however none of the services out there are really all that good, mainly because they don't offer a player that can perform ASIO interfacing or some wierd processing they do.


Best player i've ever used is AIMP3 running through ASIO. Listen and you'll see what I mean, with HIGH QUALITY MEDIA AND SETUP.

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