Hands-On Reviews of 12 Hands-Free Bluetooth Devices



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I've owned a few other headsets in the past (Motorola H500 and Blueant X3 Micro). I returned the H500 because people couldn't hear me. I really liked the Blueant, but when I lost it, I decided to give the S800 a try because of the advertised features. I loved the idea of the 3 speed dial numbers, and as it turned out, this is my favorite feature of the S800 (very handy). I also really like the volume control wheel. With my Blueant I always had to stop and think about which button was Up and which was Down. The S800 makes this very intuitive. My only complaint with the S800 is with the comfort. When I first got it, I noticed that it wasn't as comfortable as my Blueant. It's not uncomfortable....just not as comfortable as the Blueant. And I don't usually wear the headset for extended periods of time. best gifts for men 2011



Cardo S-640

I have been using this for some time now. It has been working great. Its nice and small and it lasts for a long time. i usually charge it every other day. I use this with my HTC Kaiser Windows Mobile phone without any problems. The pairing process was nice and smooth. The volume changing is a little annoying as its only one button that goes from the highest to the lowest but other than that its perfect. The voice quality is excellent :D

mclane edger



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Either QC at Jawbone isn't up to snuff, or your standards for incoming audio quality are low.

I have used the OLD Jawbone for a long time, and after adding the right sized Jabra ear gel to get an acceptable fit, have nothing bad to say about it. It's tough, it sounds OK, and it works.

Whjen the NEW Jawbone became available, I tried two samples, thinking my first was defective, because the incoming audio was raspy and had a slight buzz like a blown speaker. Alas, the second sample hada the same defect, so I returned it and will hang with the OLD Jawbone until I find something I like better.



Additionally, Porter-Cable's 9748 double cut saw

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