Hands On: Seagate's New Hard Drive Wears Its Controller on the Outside



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Controller on the outside seems like a brilliant idea. Good job Seagate.

Perception is reality.



Seagate should just sell the enclosure, then you can get a dirt cheap Deskstar, Spinpoint or Caviar Green to get all the space you want. 



Keith E. Whisman

Well I'm almost certain that after you buy one of these something ten times faster and ten times more capacity is going to be released that is much less expensive. LOL..



So true!



It makes sense from a modularity standpoint.  Having to build/market various configurations into "locked" chassis/enclosure configs starts to make less and less sense when you have SO many differing interfaces and their respective connectors.  Since USB Superspeed is so damn late to the game from a host adoption point-of-view, this is a good strategic move - and a nice product differentiator.  Makes sense. Thing is, are they going to migrate this concept to dedicated docks, like the current handy-dandy FreeAgent Go docks?

 Fun with plastic and wire.

 WD still gets my vote for best drives though, external and internal. 

600 GB V-Raptors eat Seagate's lunch. 

 Word to your Mother!



This is a sleek and innovative contraption. I want 4 please....

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