Halloween Thrills: 15 Of The Scariest PC Games Of All Time



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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Zombie Mode.

Zombie Murder.




I know it's old, but The 7th Guest is still a classic.



My vote is for the remake of the original Resident Evil. I never played it before the GameCube version, so that may have something to do with it, but I can say that I was anxious and scared nearly every second of that game. Extremely scary atmosphere.



I found the first two Thief games much more terrifying than the third. Cradle included.


h e x e n

FEAR was scary as hell. First time playthrough was damn intense. Great game. Still play it.

Bioshock? A really crappy game maybe (prepares for lashing) but scary?

And yeah, Deadspace 1 or 2 should have had a mention. Play on the highest difficulty with only the pistol for your first playthrough. You'll lose count of how many corners and doors you SLOWLY traverse, how every monster becomes terrifying. Great games.

Painkiller should have had that last spot. ;)

Thanks for turning me on to Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Never even heard of this game. Amazing what kind of greatness you can miss.



I couldn't agree more about F.E.A.R., that little girl just got under my skin.  I never finished it, but I'll never forget that creepy girl.



Phantasmagoria, By Sierra, way back when.... scary




The end sequence was killer.... I was like "WTF is going on!?!?! Is this the same game I was playing last night?"

I thought I was playing a regular Sierra point and click adventure (albeit a scary one)... but it kept morphing into something else.  Seamlessly it would suddenly evolve into a game with 360 degree enviornments, then you begin to walk through it.  The play mechanics continue to evolve with the tension and before you know it you're knee deep in an action game with fighting, hiding, and running.  Lots of running.  King's Quest this was not.

I won't spoil it, here.  Let's just say that way back in the day, Phantasmagoria had me scared from the beginning.  Then, it kept topping itself.  For me, personally, it is the single most scary game I have ever played (and I've played most of them on this list)... and that was *before* the sh1t starts to the fan. 

I've been searching for a game to duplicate the wonderfully intense fear and surprise of Phantasmagoria;  after almost 20 years I still haven't found it.


Holly Golightly

I must admit, Comdemned was my favorite game in that list. I would have loved it if they could released part 2 onto the PC though. Part one is just a dream, and I enjoy it till this very day of course.

I feel you missed a very important title that should have not been missed. I feel that Cryostasis should have been somewhere in there. Especially when he would get those flashbacks in how the slaves got infected and cause the boat to become a total fright fest.

I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R. so damn much, and am glad to see it make it on the list. Metro 2033 was one hell of a scary game when those demons would jump out of the train tracks. Of course, this is just my opinion.



The ocean hotel in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is missing from this list.  It should have definitely bumped a couple of these games out.



Condemned series = awesome
Call of Cthulu = awesome
FEAR = awesome



scarry games = awesome. 



How can you have a horror game list without Clive Barkers Undying?



Yeah, I was rather surprised to see that not on here.  One of the only games to make me physically uncomfortable while playing.


Also, The Suffering had a really great, scary vibe throughout.



Agreed. First time I ever stopped playing a game because it freaked me out too much.



Not sure anyone else would agree, but Minecraft is kind of scary.

I don't think it's so much as pee pants or such, but rather you're just minding your own business in your mine, then suddenly sssssssssBOOM! and you lose all your stuff and take awhile to get there...



Great article but I'd love to see a rewrite using the SCARIEST LEVELS. Ravenholm was nearly as frightening as anything Doom 3 did and Far Cry had some very scary locals in the underground science labs. Also I'm suprised one of the Dead Space games didn't get on here.  Also Metro 2033 had it's moments.



Personally, L4D kinda got to me a little bit (mostly due the Hunters) but I got used to it since you still have the cooperative element of the other 3 characters (either player-controlled or computer-controlled).  Doom 3 and Dead Space were ones that got me jumping a bit (almost to the point where I would get startled when one of my family members would suddenly call for me).  But Amnesia was the one that I didn't have the courage for after a few minutes since I found out about the "survivor" appeal of it.  I probably would have literally pissed my pants if I got to the part where I was being chased by monsters and all I had were wits and some candles.  I also would've had nightmares that would scare the hell out of me (I actually did have a few nightmares after playing Doom 1 and 2 when I was a little kid).



I honestly thought Metro 2033 was pretty scary at times, or at least startled me. Maybe I was just high...



I will admit I haven't experienced many of these games, but I remember playing Silent Hill when I was younger and it scared the hell outta me and I am sort of shocked it is not on here.



Wow, I am dumb.  Completely skipped over the PC part...



Left4Dead is still epic lol



Painkiller! I loved playing that game but didn't want to go through it a second time, some of the single player maps were pretty creepy.



The Asylum, and in the expansion to Painkiller where you're in an orphanage. Those 2 areas still scare the crap out of me!



I preferred dead space series



Awesome that The Dark Eye is on the list.  This is the first title that I recall actually scaring me, giving me nightmares and that chilled spine feeling.  Awesome game!


Brad Chacos

Man, with those clay-mation faces and that incredibly crazy/weird story, The Dark Eye will always be near the top of scary games for me. Even now, I dare anyone to play through the game and not have super disturbing nightmares for a week or seven.



Wolf 3D (it was scary when I was 9)
Doom 3
Resident Evil: Nemesis
Dead Space 1 and 2

I didn't find Bioshock scary.



Why would you use Dark Carnival as an example of the first time we played L4D it wasn't in the original? And the first game's maps were a lot scarier than the new ones and the game overall felt more like a horror movie since it was set at night. And don't get me started on blood harvest.



Glad to see Bioshock made the list.  Those screaming splicers jumping out from dark corners, or mumbling their psychotic babble as you stalked them had me switching to adult diapers on a regular basis.


Brad Chacos

It was the level that introduced the Houdini Splicer that did it for me in the original Bioshock. I was hooked long before then, but following that guy around sold me completely -- and now I'm looking forward, somewhat apprehensively, to Bioshock Infinite.



Play Amnesia : Dark Descent with the lights off and headphones on and you will be on edge every second of the way. :p

I loved Stalker and Doom 3 but I think I played those more like shooters rather than horror games. xD

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