Hacking NetHack: The Game's Best Addons and Plugins!



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You're free to swap between this and multiple sizes of the old, old ASCII mode at will, so feel free to play around until you've found the NetHack that suits you best! dvd creator, dvd video tool



Wow, reminds me of the muds I use to sneak to the local university campus to play.  Though some of those were text only.  Than there was Angband.



Nethack came from Hack which is a Unix game.  That's why the graphics are ASCII - it was originally played on dumb terminals, not PCs!  And Rogue is even older.

I remember when Nethack fit on a single 3.5" floppy.  We passed it around using Sneaker Net.  There was no internet of course.




 Speaking strictly as a modern gamer...thank you for the historic journey


Speaking strictly as the ancient gamer I actually am WOOHOO!!!! Thanks for this a million times!

My only comment is that you never mention the actual original name of Nethack'sDOS origin game...

This is all owed to "Rogue". A game that to this day ends up on every single windows installation I have.

And someday I'll even beat it without cheating!!!!


"There's no time like the future."

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