Get Schooled: 10 Life Lessons Learned from Gaming



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Honestly, gaming has taught me several things that actually apply to real life.


I knew a little, but I REALLY learned how to read playing RPG's when I was very young. Later on I learned how to touch type almost soley for my gaming.

I know games have improved my reaction time and eye/limb coordination considerably. I'm sure all things being equal this makes me a better car driver than someone who,for example, isn't a gamer. I know surgeons have proven this concept in practice compared to thier non gaming piers.

Games have also taught me perservernace and patience. I know from extreme controller slamming sessions that if I stick to anything within reason I will eventually learn it and gain some kind of mastery over it.

And last but not least, my social communication has improved from online play. I'm somewhat socially akward and it has allowed me to practice talking to other people because these game are usually goal oriented and I don't have to deal with reading excessive boy language. (If you're sceptical of this you should know I have mild autism.)



Ah, the whole "video games teaches a lot about weapons" gig. It does, at least as far as the average person is concerned. What sort of frightens me though, is that they may burn into people misconceptions, like Hollywood has. Because operating a gun in a video game has about <1% similarities to operating one in real life.

I'd trust someone who's unfamiliar with guns than someone who's been playing Call of Duty for the past four years straight.



That's a good list.  Especially for me the "save frequently."  

Think one more to add to the list could be, "the guy with the biggest gun doesn't always win."



true true the guys with the biggest crow bars do

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