How To: Get the Most Out of Your Desktop with Shell Replacements



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I think this is a great litte how to but i want to use litestep but doesn't seem to be active:< i've tried to access it for two days now so i guess i'll just use bblean for now. thanx alex



Wow, thanks, I totally forgot about shell rplacements.


I just looked some of these sites up, and they seemed kind of outdated. I wonder about the Vista compatibility.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to try some of them out.





I downloaded the Alienware GUI for my desktop, and it looks amazing, it comes with three different shell that you can use, as well as mix and match them.


Keith E. Whisman

Actually it's fun messing with the shell but after a while you'll want to go back to the original shell. I don't know why but I just got tired of it. After about a year or so of messing around I went back to the basics and I've been happy ever since.

The best one I had was making WinXP pro look like Mac OSX.


Peanut Fox

I have always wanted to get into shellin' out my OS, but was never sure about which program to go with.  Now I don't have an excuse for putting off the task anymore.  Exellent write up.



Thanks Alex, great article!  I'd never heard of litestep, but so far it's proving to be exactly the shell replacement I've been looking for

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