Get It Together: Seven Apps and Services to Organize Your Life



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cecilenr leesesue

Amazing! This blog appears to be like exactly like my old 1! It really is on a completely different topic but it has pretty considerably the exact same layout and structure. Superb choice of hues!



Thank you for mentioning ThinkingRock. Just to let you know that there are companions applications for iPhone and Android devices.



Another something to check out:

The Brain, it's mind-mapping software!



I'm disappointed that you left Springpad off the list. I use it in preference of Evernote since it is actually free.




You can add another web based very simple To Do App called "Do it tomorrow" URL: Good thing it is free and accessible from any web browser be it PC or Mobile. Simplicity with a nice UI are its main plus points. Go try it out.




You left out the grandaddy of them all.  Franklin-Covey Plan Plus 5.1 for Windows.  They make one for outlook but I never tried it.  Even with all the weirdness that the program can cause once it's setup It's still the best out there.  Unfortunally they stopped supporting it past XP.  It still works in 7 but the print function won't work.  Don't know if the print works with the outlook version.  The cool thing about the print feature is that you can capture ANY page, print it to the Franklin printer function and that page is now completely editable to create a new document with pages from other pages that have been saved. Doesn't matter if it's a piece of a graphic or a paragraph of text.  I have never seen anything that can do that.  Also everything is searchable.  I used it to import "screenshots" from another program that had names, dates, miles driven, address, parts used anything that had to do with a call I was on and was able to search any string and it was there like right now.  Plus the A B C ranking of tasks and everything else that a paper Franklin would do.  And the asshats stopped supporting past XP for their HORRIBLY expensive cloud based thing that does half as much maby.  


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