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Linksys took their already barebones QOS options and ran backwards with it; smart router my ass! In his example the Roku box stutters because of network congestion (browsing the web, somebody playing xbox, etc). Giving the Roku higher priority would most certainly cause the xbox service to lag in return.

I hated the Q.O.S. options in my Linksys E2000 as they never seemed to work. I flashed the router with custom firmware (DD-WRT) and man they took the Q.O.S. concept and ran with it. The myriad of options enables me to download torrents, play xbox online, roommate plays LOL, and browse the web on several devices without any lag.

The new drag and drop interface and limited options are marketed towards regular consumers. Check out DD-WRT to open up your router and setup a more efficient network.

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