Game Theory: The Passing of an Age



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Great article. I'd be interested to hear how he rated the game as a whole.



How about you turn the difficulty level way up and then try to tell us you don't have to pause much to command party members. Even on normal there was a good deal of pausing going on for me. Warriors not so much, but rogues and mages take a bit of managing if you want to maximize their effectiveness.



Let's see what happens with Mass Effect 3. Said they were doing it for a broader audience. That can only mean one thing: ME3 will be less of an RPG (if it still could be called one) than ME2. Thank heavens ME2 is an RPG, unlike Bioshock which is not, and if you say otherwise, I will never listen to you again.



dragon age 2 is just plain bad. it's like those cheap action movie just aimed to make money.

the entire game is put together with being cheap as possible in mind. would someone tell me what was the story about?

Act 1: grind 50 gold... am i playing WoW?

Act 2: go to deep roads, and find treasure. oh hey, i got out the city!

Act 3: oh wait.. i am back... what does this chapter have to do with Act 2?

Act 4: still in the city... how does this chapter relate to all the previous ones? well, at least the game is picking up.

Act 5: credit. wait... it's over? but the story just picked up after i went through 15 hour of BS. and it's over? a farcry from 50 hour+  it took for dragon age 1


recycled map, limited world, much fewer conversations with companion, and poorer character development are also evidently presented in the game. so even without the dumbed down combat and skill development, the game SCREAMS:"I am made in a rush with one objective in mind, make as much money as possible!"



Dumbed down skill development? In Dragon Age Origins you had a linear set of abilities that required points in the first three just to get the last one. Dragon Age II was a big improvement with skill trees. You could choose to specialize and put points in all the ability upgrades or go generic and be the jack of all trades. It was a lot more interactive and took more thought than Origins.





Congrats you have increased the market share and killed any future prospect of the game in one fell swoop.


there will be a Dragon Age III, but no self respecting Tactical gamer will touch it.



Well any self-respecting and intelligent gamer wouldn't run to the store on release day and grab their copy without waiting for reviews and feedback. You wait a week or two and let all those who gambled with their $60 to let you know what it's like.

BioWare has a long list of incredible games they've made over the years and I'm not going to dump them because of one game that was a bit rushed.

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