Game Theory: A Hollow Victory



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"'Violence is easy. Creativity is hard.""

Definitely agree with this. But frankly, this is a victory for every thinking person, and a defeat for the far more numerous lazy unthinking sheeple out there who wanted goverment to do ALL their thinking for them. especially those sheeple parents.

Which means they will try again, and keep trying until they get the censorship pushed through.



Supreme court makes some bonehead decisions, but this is not one of them.  However, if you look at the number of their decisions that come back 5-4 that are completely obvious how they should vote, it is mind blowing.  Mind blowing how often we are a single swing vote away from losing our rights.


Justices need to stop voting with their political agendas and start doing their jobs correctly.  They are supposed to interpret the constitution, and then apply that to the question of the case.  Is the decision unconstitutional?  Or for that matter is the law that created the decision?  Too often, we get someone in there that believes it is not only their right but their duty to "change" what the constitution says by re-interpreting it.  That was never the intention of a Justice, NEVER!  This is why they were given lifetime appointments, and why there is a way for the people of the USA to change the constitution, should they choose.  It is not for a panel of 9 people to decide that for all.  They are there to make sure that our rights are upheld, as written in the constitution.


Personally, I think it's crap that a clearly unconstitutional law can be passed, and then enforced against someone whose rights it clearly is in violation of, and then they have to defend themselves against it.  This process can take years, and can disrupt their life in ways that can take further years to repair, if it even can be done.  No person should have to defend themselves against a law that is clearly in violation of their rights.  But law makers know how long that process can take, and how many "evil doers" they can snag in the process.  Then they blame the system for their failure when it all goes down the tubes because, low and behold, the system worked for a changed and it was found to be unconstitutional.  Then their constituents vote them back into office.  Jebus crap!



Agreed, the vote should have been 9-0.  But if you think about it, what's the percentage of population who watch critter snuff films?  A fraction of 1%?  And they're primarily adults.  But how many play perceived violent video games?  Now we're talking about a sizeable population sample, many of whom are kids.

So playing devil's advocate, I'm guessing the two Supreme Court Justices were "thinking of the children" when they cast their votes.




Hush you. I still need to gib 50 more Soldiers with my Demoman. Don't distract Valve by demanding creativity!

Jokes aside, I am disturbed that it was 7-2 instead of 9-0 considering the content they were reviewing. As baffling as that is, I think it may be because violent video games aren't seen as radical as killing rabbits and getting a stiffy. People tend to take games for granted so they are less vocal about having 1st Amendment rights regarding them as they would be about choking Roger Rabbit on film.


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