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I must admit, I think all the negative reviews have more to do with fear of what would happen if they gave DNF anything other than a hard slap to the face. The "adult content" of DNF is (as always with Duke) a bit more on the extremely insulting/crude side. If a game reviewer did not condone this game, they would probably put their job at risk for endorsing the things found in DNF (even if they don't endorse it, if they don't condone it, they may as well have).


I agree with the other posters below that playing DNF is like watching bad horror movies; you do it to laugh at the idiocy.




This is another game reviewer being a total @ss about DNF. The game was a blast to play. It was fun, I repeat fun! It was refreshing to actually laugh and have fun in a PC vid game. Duke's attitude is supposed to be like the guy from the movie "Army Of Darkness". If you ever watched that movie then you will know exactly what I am trying to say here. The game was in my opinion a 7/10. It did not and does not deserve to be trashed by reviews such at this one from MPC! The guy should get a slap to the forehead for basically posting a piss-poor review about a game that actually was more fun then most in recent years. My wife who has only ever watched me play BC2 sat down beside me and laughed her @ss off with me. She said it was fun to watch me play. That speaks volumes when my wife is actually laughing and having fun over a PC video game!

MPC gets a total FAIL for this in my opinion. Should be ashamed for writting such garbage online...



I played the demo (to a point). I thought it was trying to be tongue in cheek. It made me laugh because it was ridiculous. You laugh at him for the same reason you laugh at Charlie Sheen, he's acting like an idiot.

Take mrclean816's post from below as an example. It's a crude and unfunny post, but when I actually think about how someone typed it out and posted it (perhaps even genuinely meaning the insult), that makes me laugh!

I didn't buy the game, the only real reason being the two weapon limit... which doesn't fit the rest of the game. It could have been fun, but that one thing ruined it for me.



This was a goddamn sequel to Duke Nukem 3D.  In the 90s, a considerable number of people loved this guy who, around ten years later, came back to the reunion to find that shit’s changed... he hasn’t.

It's not the best title I've ever played and unquestionably not as good as the brilliant Bulletstorm, but game journalists have jumped on the bandwagon of writing with heavy, chivalrous pens*.  The “outrage” this game has caused is itself uncalled for and quite ridiculous.

Thanks for the reviews.  I read them.  They’re fun most of the time - several times they’ve saved me money - but this time, for this game, almost every review throws the same harsh artillery at Duke.  It’s overkill.

- D

* ...But I think they’re feigning liberalism.



I do not think DNF is a good game when compared to the likes of Portal, or Halo, or Oblivion, or Starcraft, etc.

I do, however, think it was a rather good when you look at what they had to deal with, namely, the longest game developement cycle, spread out between mutiple developers taking the game in different directions to suit the times when they had the game developement on their platter.

Frankly, I'm amazed DNF was even playable.




Wow, somebody forgot to change their adult undergarments when they wrote this... This was a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. No, I did not think it was the best game out there when it dropped, and yes the multiplayer lag issue needs some serious work, but all in all, it was an enjoyable game. It was a break from the bland normal that we have... which seems to be either MMO fantasy, or FPS military simulator. Was it raunchy, yes, and I saw the humor in it. Was it over the top, yeah, but that is what I remembered from DN3D. Then again, bad taste can always be shown as using LOL cats. Obviously this game wasn't for you, and you had a hatred and bias against it before you wrote one letter of this. Obviously you were the wrong person to write about it.



I totally agree.  Tasteless humor can be witty.  In fact, I think tasteless humor is only funny when it is witty.  DNF misses that target sweet spot so pathetically that I'm actually embarrassed for the 3D Realms devs that made this PoS.  I'm embarrassed for Take Two for even "finishing" the product.

According to the comments, apparently some people enjoy embarrassingly bad humor simply because it spits in the face of political correctness.  That's nothing to be proud of though.  "Ooh, look at me, I'm a crude, ignorant asshole and proud of it."  I'm embarrassed for those people.  DNF reminds me of an 8 year old who just learned how to cuss.  It's so one dimensional and lacking any sort of wit or sophistication.  Pathetic garbage.

There's no need to even comment on the horrible, dated gameplay.  The game is just bad all around.



You embarrass easily.  ;-)

So, I’m one of “those people” who enjoy a good bout of political-wrongness.  What exactly do I have to be embarrassed about?  I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.



you enjoy penis



oh come on... what are you 20?  Did you even play the original?  This is NOT a young person's game.  I played both the original and dnf and they were excellent.  I could care less about what the critics say anyways.  Evaluate the game on its own merits, not some PC BS... Hell I hear worse on the "No BS podcast!"  Freaking grow up.


Do not... and i repeat DO NOT turn this into Ars Technica.  I have subscribed since boot and I come here looking for the no BS... This is BS.. has no place here.



This post might have been relevant (though still bandwagon material) 4 weeks ago. 

The cries about the humor and sexism are ridiculous.  Did any of you guys actually play Duke Nukem?  If you are going to criticize this game, slam it for legitimate reasons; consolized 2-weapon limit, boring, linear levels, tedious turret/vehicle sections, Duke becoming an all-around jerk (as opposed to just a misogynist.) 

PS:  Fix your terrible spam filter detectors please :(



Way to get all trendy and PC in one big sanctimonious shot!

You're overreacting. It's a freaking game. And it's a miracle it was released at all.

I'd still hit it.

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