The Game Boy: It's The End of the World As We Know It, And I'm Feeling... Bored



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I thought it was borderlands 2



Can you people stop whining about "I'm getting tired of this or that theme"?!?

First it was Orcs and Elves, then it was WW2, Modern Warfare, then Zombie, now everything apocalyptic.

I don't know, I enjoyed each and everyone of these games and if the next game is WWII (or apocalypse) - so be it!  As long as it is good, I'll evaluate the game for what it is.

Do you people have any idea how hard it is to develop a game?!?

If you whiners are so good a creativity, then make a game yourself and show off what you got!






For me Rage feels like it's copying some of the things I liked least about Fallout 3 and FNV. Seriously, people have been living here for a hundred years but no one picks the trash up off the ground? WE can maintain these vehicles, but no one has uncovered the secret formula for asphalt and fixed up these roads? I'm going to play it but I have a feeling Deus Ex is going to keep me more entertained.



At first glance I was one of those commentors saying to myself, "wow this looks a lot like fallout" but then, luckily, I had the pleasure of playing it at Quakcon 2011. I must say that I was compltely wrong. Yes it is post-apocalyptic, a FPS/RPG hybrid but other than that similarity it has a totally different feel and when I played it although a little confusing picking it up mid-game, it did not remind me of Fallout at all. Defintely worth picking up a copy or at the very least renting.



Very nice reading. Nathan's got the knack for narrative. I'll have to go check these games out for myself...



What I like about dystopic games are, as you said, juxtaposing the glory of what once was with the misery of the present (which is the future).  Also, the survival aspect.  Post-apocalyptic worlds also offer an easy way for the hero to make a name for him/herself so it becomes much more plausable.

Rage definitely draws Fallout and Borderlands comparisons for good reason.  There's even an Enclave-like faction.  I was never impressed with Fallout's shooter mechanic (beyond VATS), but enjoyed the world.  Borderlands was the opposite.  It was a decent shooter (but awful driving) in a boring world.  Rage seems to reconcile those two games by being an interesting shooter with interesting vehicle gameplay in an interesting world.  Only time will tell if it's actually any good.  It's been a while since I played anything good from id.



Not really. There are an infinite number of different apocalypse stories available, because it's the future we're talking about.  That's an infinite playground, and it's up to the devs to take advantage of that. On the flipside, there's only so many ways you can do a good World War 2 game. And that genre's been burned out and then some.



Darksiders is a post-apocalyptic game; one with ruined cities and fire, green landscapes, sunken buildings, an old cathedral, a graveyard, a not-so-exciting desert and many more. There's no reason it has to all be brown.



I loved Unreal Tournament, and Unreal Tournament 2004. Unreal 3 just didn't do it for me. The dark and dirty palette was used on too many maps, all that technology for a game that to me was not significantly more visually appealing. I wish Rage success, and maybe game play is far enough away from the gritty shooter that is old and tired that it will succeed. Six years have allowed too many other gritty shooters to jade the consumer.

I hope developers are looking at indie games for inspiration, but with the high cost of development few are going to take risks beyond tried and true sequels.



Really?  Wow - I'm an Unreal series junkie and absolutely loved 3.  Especially many of the player designed maps which some were frankly, incredible.  I honestly don't know why everyone is so jacked up about TF2 (is it the hats??) when UT3 is such a superior game.



I'm glad someone is challenging game designers to move beyond normal tropes. Well done, Nathan.



Agreed - that was an excellent article!  Right on the money.  And thanks for the tips on the two games - I will most certainly be checking them out.



enslaved on xbox 360 was a great game. only tried bastion trial. it seems ok but the narrator would get old really fast. anyways ive submitted this story to maximumpc to see if they could find out more. i contacted 2 locale gamestops and neither could "confirm nor deny" if its true. so it being gamestop thats probably a 100000% yes.


Peanut Fox

Actually the narrator doesn't get old.  At least not in the first play through.  He very rarely says the same thing twice.  I can count the instances where I've run into it. 



Awesome article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I've actually never heard or saw Enslaved or Bastion. After reading this article it has peaked my interest. Hmmm I think I'll be buying a couple of new games.

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