The Game Boy: Games That Matter More Than the Games of the Year



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Wasn't the issue with DNF that it introduced too many 'modern' mechanics? From playing the demo, the things that I didn't like about it were the 2 weapons limit, regenerating health and linear level design - all of these, as far as I can tell, have become the norm for shooters in the post-Halo/MW era.



+1 This, coupled with the fact that the game spent a good deal of time mocking other games for doing the same thing.
Listening to the satire in DNF was like watching a fat friend eat a whole chocolate cake, while mocking another fat guy for being fat.



So true about LA Noire. I really like the game, but so much of the core gameplay is TERRIBLE. Yet what it got right is really good, and it is such a breath of fresh air.



good list..... I forgot about some of the games listed on here, like DA2.



The only thing I know about Minecraft is that it has something to do with Legos.

I'd like to play Bulletstorm. I'll look into LoL. Ubisoft blows dead goats, nursing right next to EA.



Skyrim PC should be in the list... There are similar amounts of glitches in that game with any Fallout:NV or Fallout 3. You see BS "physics" everywhere, things that shouldn't be realistic to be present, things that are which is not implemented at all. The melee mechanics is goofy, the menu is god aweful, the graphics is not that amazing and most importantly, the gameplay, the linear dialogs and many many rubbish they just didn't bother to fix...



"Games That Matter More Than the Games of the Year"  "Skyrim: An undeniably great, but blah blah blah. You get the point." Read the artice before you criticize it, or at least the title.



I tend to be weary of games that are represented by a common Internet acronym. All we need is World Troop Force (or similar), and we have a set!



I think Duke Nukem was important, though I disagree with the author's reasoning regarding the offensive nature of the content. Is it really any more offensive than Bulletstorm and Saints Row? I don't believe so.

The problem with Duke Nukem, the big sticking point, is that it epitmoizes everything terrible about modern FPS design. Everything you find wrong with games like Call of Duty, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Call of Juarez, Homefront and any others, are crystallized into an abhorrently clear example within Duke Nukem Forever. What really makes this a kick in the balls is that it's all within a game series that used to demonstrate everything right about old-school FPS design. Add a 14-year wait on top of all of this, and that to me shows why Duke Nukem is a shining example of what is wrong with both modern game design and marketing philosophies. Its content may be offensive to some, but what's most offensive to me is that this game passed a QA process somewhere along the line. Despicable.



Dragon Age II is a flop, dont defend it! Period! If ppl start saying, but this scene was nice, but that minuscule part of gameplay got it right... Bioware wont make amends, the IP is really tainted now, Dragon age 3 has a lot to prove in comparison to superb sequels like the Witcher 2 and Skyrim.



Sorry to disapoint, but even though I agree with many of the authors points I still have to admit it was a fun game. There were many new things they did get right. I know a lot of people didn't like the new combat system but I think it made things a bit more exciting then and real time. It was a bit too fast and in real life people can't jump across the screen, but it was more exciting then watching an Origins battle. I enjoyed the new character trees also. Stuff actually tied into each other and I liked being able to choose a ton of skills or focusing on a few and upping the special abilities.



A flop how? It sold more than well enough to make a good profit. It injected some much needed uniqueness into a gameworld that previously had a great backstory propping up very vanilla combat and enemies. It had some of the best characters bioware has done to date. It smoothed out the difficulty curve of DA:O (which like Witcher 1 and 2 started hard and ended easy), although I didn't play until after the 1.03 rebalance patch. Crafting was far, FAR more enjoyable and sans all that in-and-out-of-camp pain in the ass that DA:O had.

It also suffered from a way-too-short development cycle, leaving the overall game notably shorter and head-deskingly repetitive with its dungeons.

The things DAII got right are what come from actually trying to make amends for the things that DA:O got wrong. They're the things that can't be corrected without having a team that has the humility to say "we spent months designing this system, and it didn't work, so we're completely scrapping it." The things it got wrong (content, content, and content) are the things that come from not having enough time and money, which is much easier to correct than getting the game mechanics wrong.



I love SRTT for, as you said, "dumb fun." and the devs actually acknowledge they want to keep that going

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