The Game Boy: The Future of Gaming As Predicted by E3 2011, Pt 2



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Or you could, ya know, accept that PC's superior graphics dont make up for inferior sales vs. consoles and the fact that those better graphics mean a PC with a price tag 6x as much as new PS3 or 360...



If you're spending that much, you're getting ripped off...

What do you mean "make up"? If I judged what games I bought on how much they sold, I'd be something of a tool. Most PC gamers know that consoles are the major platform for games. We just don't care, in fact, for me at least, I enjoy the benefits. It's called a niche market, and it has its advantages and disadvantages. Not all of us are anti-console. We just prefer our games on PC because we have good PCs. You figure there might be some people like that on this site, right? Usually when we bitch, it's about a crappy port or not getting a title at all. I think consoles are the better gaming platform for most people... just not me.

I try not to get too excited about this boom in PC gaming. When the new consoles are released, we'll start getting ignored again. For a while. It's a cycle. There are enough of us that will buy PC games that someone will always be making them for us.



I may be influenced by the academic writing class i am taking right now , but this guy talks too much. He needs to get to the point of his article.



Anyone remember that "game" from the early 80s, Dragon's Lair? An entire game of QTEs. Nothing else. For the time, was cool... but mainly because graphics then sucked and Don Bluth (IIRC) did the animation. It was a good story. It was not a video game though IMO, it was more a participatory cartoon. (or maybe "video" game is the proper term for that, and what we currently have are "graphics" games? lol) That's where this is all going though... a choos-your-own-adventure movie rather than a game.



I hate QTEs for one big reason (among the other good ones) - arthritis and repetitive motion. You know, some of us take cutscenes as a cue that we can put the controller down for a minute and flex our hands out of the static position game controllers put them in. Not everybody who plays games is a 14-year-old with perfectly undamaged joints -- and I'm only twice that age. Imagine how the older gamers feel!



Indigo Prophecy, or the uncut verstion, Farenheit, was all QTE. besides the Mass Effect style of dialogue, the QTEs i think, as cheap as they were often, were quite engaging. some games i guess implement them into cutscenes to keep players engaged, instead of "press(ing) B to skip".

I also enjoyed the Guitar QTE mini game in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Maybe QTEs can be incorporated into higher difficulty settings in games, instead of Easy or Normal modes, or give an in-game option to "disable cutscene QTEs" or something. Give a choice, and possibly extra rewards for players that turn the feature on, besides narrowly escaping danger.



If they're going to do "variable QTEs", they should embrace the idea of branching paths.

The one thing that really boggles my mind with a lot of American game design is the illusion of chioce. Giving players the idea that they're choosing something when in reality, it's about as good as ordering steak... and choosing whether or not you have plain, with some seasoning on top, or a douse it with A1. In the end, you're still eating steak.

But for some reason, American game design doesn't like the idea of bad endings (I can't name a game as of late that features a bad ending). If you're going to get a bad ending, it's going to be a game over.





Don't know if I read Pt 1, so you may have already addressed this, but I think delivery options are making a big difference in developer's mindsets when it comes to PC games.  Steam has reduced pirating down to a shadow of what it used to be.

The low point was when Crysis had 8 million illegal downloads in the first couple of weeks of release.  And their developer's stated point blank that as a result they would move away from PC-first development.  And it happened (console port Crysis 2 was a result).  I thought PC gaming was going to be dead within 2 years after that.  Now it seems to have rebounded and I don't hear developer's talking much about piracy any longer.



Hey TommM, you can read part I here:,0

(although I don't believe that Steam was mentioned)



"Battlefield 3. Metro: Last Light. Far Cry 3. Those are the names of major triple-A releases that are eschewing the conventional “all PC gamers are pirates and also probably horrible racists” mantra in favor of a PC-first mentality."

Three games I will be buying :)



"But don't use accessibilty and whatnot as an excuse to skip out on the part of game design where you, you know, design a game." Hear, hear! A QTE is not gameplay, it's just making a mildly interactive movie. Shovelware companies first did that when the CD-ROM came into existence. Those companies are not remembered and are no longer in business, and the gaming industry would be wise to learn from this precedent.

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