The Game Boy: Best Games You Missed in 2011 – To The Moon



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The Corrupted One

The game boy is getting very philisophical.



Kan from Freebird Games here. Thank you for the write-up, Nathan! I really enjoyed reading it. 

@Kanthos & CaptainFab: Since I can't hotlink here, Googling "To the Moon Freebird Games" will take you to the game's page. :)

@mike2060: Its writing style is quite hit-or-miss. But if you personally didn't enjoy it, email me [kan(a)freebirdgames(dot)com] and I'll get you a full refund, no questions asked. That offer goes out to anyone. 

Cheers folks.



Ok, I'm all into stories.  Where can I get this?  It's not on Amazon.  Do I need a Game Boy/DS?  Do I download it after I get this device?



I bought this game and it wasn't very good.  The dialogue is really really bad.  It is as if an 8 year old wrote the script.  The comedy was also fairly bad and sometimes during the most emotion filled scenes they would throw in some stupid "funny" bit. 

It also isn't really a game.  It's really just a story and if the dialogue is bad, then there is nothing salvagable about it.



I've heard good things about the game but you know what, I'm spoiled and I'm really not interested in purchasing an Indie game unless its on Steam.  I just like having my library all in one place and knowing that I can uninstall and reinstall it whenever I want without having to worry about misplacing a downloaded executable or install code. 



This!!! One of the countless games I wish was being sold on Steam. If Indie games would totally abandon Steam for Desura, I'll be so F pissed.  I'm still hopeful for an announcement for Fez, Bit.trip complete and Dark Souls for Steam (I pretty much gave up on ME3 and BF3 for online petitions...)






Music by Laura Shigihara.  She's an excellent songwriter and singer.

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