The Future of Windows: What We Want from Win 8



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I personally feel that it's not going to be that radical from Windows 7.

The real changes will probably come in Windows 9 around 2016.

I write about Windows 8 at this site



After 20ish years of using the MS OS I will switch to something else or quit using PCs entirely before I join the cloud mentality. I have zero interest in my stuff being on the "cloud". Nor am I interested in a subscription based Office or apps. Microsoft can shove it if thats the direction they are going in.

"various recurring monthly or annual subscriptions will grant users access to Office Live applications"




Just shutup fanboy, Microsoft has already created Xbox live which is 100 times more effective and streamlined than Steam ever was, so why shouldn't they take that experience to the PC? It would be great if when I buy a 360 game I can play it on my PC and earn achievements from the same system, that way if I prefer a mouse and keyboard I could pwn it up.

Also, a little word of advice MS, please Please PLEASE PLEEEEASE don't go to the cloud... that is going NOWHERE... It's just simply garbage.



Xbox Live is only a matchmaking service. It's the matchmaking service that Microsoft Abandoned Zonematch for. While Xbox Live works better on the front-end than Zone Match, as idiots like you and 8 year old kids know how to click "Find Game." What it really means is that your gaming connection is never going to show you your real Ping, which isn't taken into account when you're matchmade into a game. Meaning lag, and lots of it. THe Loss of the dedicated server, which means that someone will always have a host ping advantage, on top of that the server(Host Xbox) is put under more stress and it's framerate can suffer accordingly(Halo: Reach is a good example of that) The new xbox live is a poorly regulated over-priced service, while it's better than Playstation Network, IT IS BY NO MEANS, anywhere close to the quality of Valve's Steam Client. Not only that Steam's deals are great for gamers, and even better for publishers. Steam does everything xbox live does, and better. I think if microsoft commits itself to PC Gaming again it COULD easily rival Steam's stranglehold on digital distribution right now. However microsoft is too hooked on the cash they're getting off of the soccer mom market for Xbox Live, they'll never make a strong foray into PC Gaming again, at least never with an Exclusive. Dissolving FASA and Digital Anvil pretty much yelled it loud and clear that Microsoft was done with PC Gaming, When they shut down zonematch it was official.

Microsoft needs to realize that with more and more PC games going crossplatform they need to give users a reason to trust them again, They Killed Mechwarrior after all, one of the most successful franchises in PC History. Microsoft is very responsible for the death of PC gaming, BUT MORE Importantly they're responsible for this bullshit known as DLC. DLC is the biggest crock of bullshit i've ever come across. 7 years ago i would not have payed 15 Dollars to get a content edition to my game that equaled 4 to 5 more hours of gameplay. I would not have PAYED for maps that should have been included in my shooter that DID NOT come with a map creator. 7 YEARS AGO GAMES STOOD ON THEIR SINGLE PLAYER ALONE UNLESS THEY WERE MULTIPLAYER ONLY! When microsoft gets it's priorities straight instead of claiming their coming back to PC Gaming then they can talk about Digital Distribution. THAT MEANS PC EXCLUSIVES! I miss they day when you saw that Microsoft Game Studios Logo and KNEW you were getting A HIGH QUALITy Game. Microsoft is a computer company it's damn time they come back to the ones that made them capable of their DIRECT X box.






I really hope Microsoft doesn't do anything about adding PC gaming features.  GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE BLOWS HARDER THAN A PORN STAR ON CRACK.  They should just leave PC gaming to the people who actually know how to do it well: Valve Software.  End of story.  Microsoft can continue to snuggle with their beloved FAILbox 360 for all I care, just STAY OUT OF PC GAMING FOR THE REST OF TIME PLEASE; YOU SUCK AT IT.



What, so Valve can monoploize their market?


I like cheap games as much as anyone else, but you know what I also like: competition. Windows and its components are at the level they are because there's so much competition on every level.



The most awesome thing they could do right now would be to change the user experience from machine based to actual user based. For example, if they could make it so that I could access the exact same screen from both my laptop while im at work and my desktop while im at home, I would never buy anything but a microsoft product. I dont want to use Remote Desktop or do anything else that would be a pain to set up, I just want to see Win8 installed and have a completely unifed system. I realize that this is most likely just a pipe dream though...


I think that would be great just to have one copy of windows 8 on all PCs. That you could have unifying all of your data. 3 computers one the same OS. You could have all your files all the time and it would basically render flash drives useless except for transferring data to somebody else's unified system. They could take it even further and you could just have say, Steve's system which would be on e OS that is on every device. Your wach knows who you are and can sync with your phone, your car, your home PC, work PC it would be amazing. No more file transfer what so ever you have a device and its synced with EVERYTHING that's yours.This comment probably sounds really stupid as it's 2:30 in the morning and I don't really know what I'm talking about.  



a simple intergrated FTP server would be nice



There has been an integrated FTP server since windows xp pro. You just gotta install IIS to make it happen. Its pretty easy to install.

Keep in mind, you have to have XP Pro, vista business, win7 business equivelent though.

Since i've always ran WinXP Pro, Vita Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate i've always had the FTP server functionality available.



Seriously, it's about time.



I second that.



So little discussion of security, privacy. The Cloud implementations so far are severely lacking in this and it remains the biggest problem with computers and the internet today.



One thing I would like to see in Windows 8, instead of replacing the start menu/taskbar with an Apple style dock would be the ability to customize the start menu and task bar anyway I want. This will sound crazy but think the similar way you would customize your GUI in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft or Everquest except less complicated.  Like being able to un-attach the Windows Globe and move it wherever you wanted and also being able to resize it! Being able to move and resize the quick start bar sort of like the hot bars in World of Warcraft. Also the system tray as well. I think a cool feature would also being able to hide any of these GUI features so if you wanted a simple desktop you could have everything hidden except your Windows Globe (start menu).  I don’t play World of Warcraft but one of the features the game has that is pretty cool and I think would integrate well into an operating system is defiantly the ability to customize your GUI!



Custom GUI is cool, but you also need a way to easily switch between your customizations and the default interface for the troubleshooting and fixit duties on someone else's box where you don't know the customizations.



"Where WHS Version 1 supported a maximum of five hard drives"

Err, where did you hear that?  I have 18 in mine for a total of 21TB formatted.  Works fine.



I heard it from Microsoft senior product manager Michael Leworthy. While there's nothing physically preventing you from running more than five drives in a WHS rig (or more than 10 drives if you're using Vail), Microsoft officially supports only five and 10 drives, respectively.

Michael Brown, Reviews Editor



My theory that Alan and Gordon are the same person is finally proved!



one thing i would like is a virtual desktop manager like in linux :)



Alan and Gordon have the exact same post under "features we want in windows 8"



"So forgive us for favoring words like “commemorate” or “contemplate” instead of “celebrate,” which feels like too rosy a word for an operating system that has given us so much frustration, confusion, and heartache."

For better or worse, Windows came a long way, made out of building blocks from different experience/experiments.  It's actually amazing to see how it manages all the variety of hardware that's out there.  It's not perfect, but it works - and for me, with Windows 7, it's working great!  I started in DOS (while at the same time, played with Win3.11) and adopted Win95.  From then on, it's always been Windows!  (yes, I have a machine with Ubuntu as well but my heart is with Win7).





+1 except for linux box

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