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Thought provoking article.

The truth, I believe, is that humans are a funny beast. And even after all the study done with the purpose of understanding "us" it can be really hard to show why we do what we do. For example the questions of zombies and what they represent. Well you can pretty much answer yes to any suggested hypothesis. I think it's because of our own variable nature. All though we all have "basic" drives, and can be shown to be controlled by them to a certain point, there are as many nuances to those "basic" drives as there are people.

It's my belief that we all have both a base and potential maximum level to our motivators. Then outside events, how we react, and most importantly the feed back we receive about our reactions shape our world view. This creates our basic operating mode for interacting with our enviroment. The base levels are set in stone pretty much, and won't change in a person's life span unless they encounter an event that is of such a world shattering nature that it creates an epiphany of sorts. In other words it's not nature or nurture but both that effects a persons world view.

So say a person has a 15% chance to react violently to a situation. If the only enviroment they encounter is a low violence one where violence is discouraged and punished then they will seldom become violent. There's simply little reward to it and the cost is too high. Now say that they have a maximum potential level of 75%. Put them in a high violence enviroment and they'll either reach that potenial or perish. This is born out threw simply observation. It's pretty much a given that if you place a person in a maximum security prison that they'll be more prone to violence when leaving then not. 

It's funny how many people assume that it was Nazis and even Germany as a whole that perpetrated the holocaust. When in fact it was a subset of the Nazis that were behind the evil concept. The majority simple went with the flow because it was easier and safer then trying to buck the system. This compliant nature is a very common reaction, and has coined the very true phrase " All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Anway I'm wandering a bit as I sometimes (often) do. To make it more personal, my nature is to not see zombies as anything more then opponents in a game. Their human like nature simple gives me a hint as to what behaviours they might have and how to deal with them to reach my goal. In less interactive media they're simply the "cannon fodder" or the antagonistic element for the story to unfold around. As I've suggested earlier I find human behaviour too varied, and often illogical, to use simplistic representatives as stand ins for any persons or groups. I find it strange that anyone might make a connection between an in game character and real life people that would be anything more then tenuous at best. When you consider how easy it is to become informed about virtually anything today (thanks internet) how someone, h@ll anyone, can see things in simplistic black and white is beyond me.



illegal immigrants? Really?



I believe that while it's true that many Germans (and Europeans in general) despised Jews, most of them would not have wanted to see something as evil as the Final Solution.

It is important to note that many things led to the belligerence of Germany prior to WW2, including revolutions and the Versaille Treaty (in which France and the UK entirely blamed Germany for the first War. They exacted reparations from an industrial nation who was only one willing participant in that regrettable conflict. IMO they did so basically to rob the German lands of their industry...and France had been screwing with the German states for a very long time before that.)

This is obviously no excuse for what became the mass murder of Jews and all the others who suffered through that evil regime and the war in general. Millions more were killed too by the "US Ally" Josef Stalin and even more by Mao Zedong. Theirs was really more of an "internal" genocide, though (?)

The roots of anti-Semitism and the idea of "Übermenschen vs. untermenschen" go farther back than Hitler and his minions to popular culture such as Wagner and Germanic intellectuals and academia. Hitler was an insane piece of shit who played on all of this and (even as early as the 1920s) spelled out, in plain Deutsch, what he intended for the Jews it they did not evacuate his Reich. Many were complicit in carrying out his plan, but I don't believe for a second that every German soldier or General was responsible for that part.

...however to your question of whether games and movies desensitze some to others, I believe that's quite possible. I believe most people will play a FPS and quite well know the difference between it and the Really Real World, but some are very impressionable and of fragile mind. As a teen I used to argue against this, but I just picked my child up from school not so long ago for specifically imitating something he saw on television. Parenting is important and it's hard to know where to draw the line in sheltering a child from the "reality" of entertainment.

Good article, per usual.



Fun fact, BJ Blazkowicz may not be Duke Nukem's granddad, but he is Commander Keen's. According to Apogee lore, Keen, aka Billy Blaze, is actually William Joseph Blazkowicz II, named after his dear ol' nazi slayin' grandpa. What a family.



Cool, now that is interesting. Thanks for the info.



Hmmm. Mindless, drooling and always hungry? Republicans?  Ok, that's not fair, I suppose.  You raise some interesting points, and I promise to think about it before posting my real answer - my off-the-cuff response is revealing though, too. Ain't it?



It reveals that you are unemployed, receiving unending government handouts, that Republicans want to end, and put you back to work, which you refuse, as you enjoy sitting at home collecting a check doing nothing, while living off of others hard work and taxes. Am I close? :)

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