Future Tense: Personal Wi-Fi



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In the fairly recent past many privacy boundaries were created naturally.  For instance the telephone was attached to a wire and you only had your family members to overhear your conversations.  Now you can have a conversation anywhere and people do, oblivious to where they are and others who may overhear.  My point is when you use technology to remove a natural boundary that maintains privacy many people will simply sacrifice that privacy.  It is falling more and more to the individual to maintain their privacy and as technology moves forward it requires more and more skill as well.  This doesn't bode well for personal privacy in the future.



One prediction I'm suprised never quite caught on... That not ALL laptops offer; versions of RAID (ones for gamers and ones for data mirroring) or even detachable (full size-not usb) drives - especially ssd's (built in, not cabled).

Prediction for the future - hoping (perhaps even in three years)... That the mainstream will be a multi-core above 5ghz; higher end units above 7.5ghz.


Mighty BOB!


Oh wait I'm the one that brings that up.

So yeah, privacy invasion and civil liberties.



I've never been good at predictions, Mr. Gerrold. I would, however, like to thank you for your piece here. Things like this, and your professional tone, are what intrigue me to continue reading articles here. Thank you.



I,m waiting for all these devices to become so interconnected that they become self aware and name them selves Skynet.



I'm waiting for the day that we get WiFi-enabled ear implants that can stream our music collection to us without anyone noticing we aren't listening to them.  And then I will rue the day when hackers figure out how to crack the encryption and spam us with audio advertisements.



Or your head gets Rickrolled.



Or you will evolve into The Borg

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