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Has anyone ever had sex while wearing a digital watch?  Just sayin...



<Leaning in towards the Garmin GPS on the dash with a 32 GB fully loaded map micro SD chip (worth $120) in hand> "Get in there, you little sucker! There! NOOO, it popped out! Where is it?" <crunch> "Oh no! Oh Damn!"



You are wrong. Putting a camera in a cell phone was a terrible idea. Have you seen a concert or similar event lateley? No, because you can't with all the idiots holding their phones up in the air to take a photo or video from 50 years back, in the dark. You are all retarded! This must be stopped!



The reason for Apple not putting μSD slots in their iStuff has little to do with them wanting you to replace said stuff when you run out of room. It's more so that they can sell you more expensive iStuff right now. Witness the iPhone 4S that I just bought. My 16GB model was subsidized at $159. Had I wanted to step up to a 32GB model it would have been $259. 64GB? $369. That's a $100 step from 16 to 32, and another $110 to go from 32 to 64. Meanwhile, from the same store I bought my iPhone, you can buy 16GB Lexar μSD cards for $29, and 32GB cards for $59. Had I chosen a 64GB model I'd have paid $210 for $88 worth of memory. The memory upgrade would have cost more than the whole 16GB phone did!

By not including that μSD slot, Apple not only makes sure that you pay way too much for extra storage, but they ensure you buy that storage from them, and not, say, Lexar...



On solar cells and recharging...

The first step is to figure out what your voltage requirement is for that battery, which it needs to be at least the voltage that's supplied open circuit. Then you need to feed it current. And depending on how much current you feed it, you could be sitting around for a long time. And there's the fact that you're probably not going to give the device on the solar panel side enough light to make it matter.

Yes, solar is a great piece of technology. It's also horribly inefficient.



The cheap little $40 car stereo I found at Walmart last year has the aux jack, a USB port for flash drives AND a micro SD card slot that can handle up to 16gb cards. It has no cd player, and the display can't be adjusted for brightness when driving at night, but since I can store a lot of music in 16gb at lower quality - since the player will only recognize up to 192k mp3 or wma files - I don't need cd capabilities. I can always pull the card, pop it into my laptop to modify what music it has and back in the car it goes. Works great for road trips and I don't need to listen to the same song twice in 8 hours. No commercials, no wading thru songs I don't like to get to one I do like, and no monthly fees...


Oh, and I have yet to find a card slot on any of the higher end car stereos...



My Panasonic TV (which I recommended to David when he was shopping for one) has an SD slot, which does let me play pictures from it.  And my car stereo, a few years old JVC, has a USB port on the front that will play straight from a thumb drive.  And my friend has an integrated home security/lighting systems that runs from an Android app.

Not only does this tech exist, it's already out there, you just have to look hard enough.



Double post.  Crapnuggets.


The Corrupted One

I like the solar panel idea.

Then you could get an extra 2-3 hours out of a charge if you place it right.



Some of the best Ideas Iv'e heard of. Implementation of these would take allmost no time.



Craftsman actually has a garage door with an app for both iPhone and Android that remotly opens and closes the door.



David, always enjoy your work. Keep it up!

But I do know you are asking the memory slot question in a rhetorical fashion.  It should be plainly obvious to most that Apple and Samsung haven't incorporated SD slots for one HUGE reason - replacement value.  It's called restricted/captured market, and it sucks.  That's why the smarter tablet mfg's are getting the smarter customers.  Toshiba Thrive is an awesome example.  Acer and Asus are smart too but the Toshiba has all the full sized ports, a serviceable battery and most importantly - A FULL SIZED SD SLOT!

Apple knows how to string people along, and you can usually get away with that type of behavior when your products are intriguing and sexy.  Others have learned from them and that's why there are more and more of these incremental, baby step technology offerings.  Common sense is out the window in lieu of bolstering the revenue stream it would appear.  That's why when I start to hear these corporate top-dogs and politicians start talking about efficiency, saving the planet and the rest of the ballyhoo! I just laugh because they are either blatant liars or just plain stupid.  Capitalism at it's best and to each his own I suppose.  People just have to get smarter about buying when the aggregate in upgrades/features make sense to the personal pocket book.

Expandability so your device replacement/upgrade cycle is longer, solar power assisted operation and memory built-in to more and more devices.  All makes sense David.  But since when does "making sense" prevail in the human condition?



The Xoom had read functions since 3.2 and will now read/write if the software is properly written. Lots of it isn't yet. Outside of the US, it's been working since 3.1 but in the US, the Xoom is a Google Experience Device and is limited by what Google is doing. So no Motorola bonus drivers.

The dumb thing is that changing uSD cards interrupts the 4G driver/service forcing a reboot. You have to pull the SIM card to access the uSD slot. That was a stupid decision in engineering.

Samsung wasn't any better really. For the 16gb model, they don't offer 3G/4G and since the SD slot was there for the SIM as well, it has no uSD at all either.



You gotta be kidding me.  uSD isn't rocket science, why is Motorola having so much trouble with this?  My Asus Transformer has a uSD slot that worked from day one and has no limitations I can find:  plug it in, it makes an icon in the lower right (very similar to how USB devices show up in Windows), click the icon and click the folder icon that appears, and it gives you a file system to browse/copy/paste/delete/whatever.  Click that icon again and click the dismount icon, and you can remove it - easy.

I mostly use the uSD slot for reviewing pictures I just took with my digital camera.  Which I think is a killer feature of the Transformer.  (My digital camera only takes full size SD cards, so I just use an SD-to-uSD adapter in the camera.)



It's the fact that it's a "Google Experience Device".  They install ONLY Android with no extra tweaks to it.

Outside of the US, the uSD is as you describe on the Xoom as Motorola included the extra softwares support drivers.  BUt it's not a GED outside the US. Here, we're stuck with what Google delivers. Perqs of GED are that you get updates and upgrades sooner than other devices and it's the baseline development device so tends to be stable and widely compatible with apps.  I'm currently on Android 3.4 on my Xoom for example. 

Most of the video playback tools and filebrowsers now support the uSD on the Xoom. But I'd like App2SD to work and I've not been successful there yet.



That would be μSD.  Although, with the state of unicode, it's a complete ##### to implement. Can't wait for nano-SD cards, if only to alleviate this issue, lol.



How about another, supplementary power-source... an inertia-powered device (like what they use in a lot of luxury watches now) that converts your body movements (or any movement) into power.  Couple that with solar cells and you might add another hour or two to a cell phone.

What if, instead of glass or cheap plastic, we make cell-phone cases (or coat them in) chemicals that change heat into electricity? Your phone will always get warmer in your pocket, and will always get warmer during heavy use as the battery heats up.  Using phase change materials to transfer some of that waste heat into electricity might give a little more power.... and you could also probably reverse the flow later and use your phone to cook an egg or something cool like that.

And lastly, what about adding a methane-powered fuel cell to all cell phones.  If you need to fart, just fart on your phone for AN HOUR OF BEAN POWER.  :)  Might have to wait a few more years for this last one.



zaphodbeeblebrox 42

i put a solar panel on my kidnle 3 just need to add a diode and ill never have  charge it again!



Yeah, I was in the same conumdrom, and that is why I never considered the iPad, hell just my music folder is more than the largest available iPad. However after getting the Acer Iconia I found out that without added software that USB port was useless. I also kept running into walls that just seemed to prevent me from doing what I wanted unless I nuked the system. So I returned the Iconia and got an iPad, and yes, I knew that I was still going to be confined to Apple's play ground, and I was still worried about storage space. However I soon found out that both worries were unfounded.

Welcome to 2011 where we have the cloud, and remote desktop access. With just my name and email address alone, I have access to over 64GB of free online storage. I can also access any file as well as run software on my home or work computers remotely from my iPad. Also if you wanted SD storage you could always get the Apple Camera adaptor, or even a wifi HDD!




Ah memory slots- always disabled on anything that can pull content- blame it on the worry that someone will use it to copy music/video/ebooks to the SD and then give the copy to a friend

blame the millenium act on that.

like the solar panel idea though - would really decrease the battery relience and the tech is there now

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