Future Tense: The Future of Crime



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As far as I know, security cameras have been on the market for a while now...The main change is the affordability of these cameras because the supply has gone up. I think another thing you didn't touch on is the increase in people installing home security systems for extra protection. It used to be a luxury for the wealthy, but nowadays there are various systems available for different demographics. I'm glad that we're able to monitor so much, yet it does raise lots of privacy concerns if we continue at the rate we're going...Food for thought. -Natasha






It seems there was someone in WWII who had similar designs on 'genetic cleansing'. How did that work out? Security cameras are dirt cheap now, if you know where to look for the best prices. Long term recording ability can still get costly, but for live viewing even in total darkness there are cameras available for under $50.



Sorry have to disagree with some of the facts in this article...

It is not all that expensive for any one individual/family or any business to afford a quality camera and recording system. Although most would not use a one camera system, it costs about the same as an entry level DSLR. A two camera system costs about 1k; with cameras that can record just about anything in any lighting condition - including clearly identifying about any person, license plate, even stickers on plates and windscreen stickers - at about fifty meters.

So for about the rpice of the average PC one can indeed afford a quality system. Yet since we are reading about articles in Maximum PC; consider what type of camera system one could purchase with money spend on a higher end Origin or Alienware.



or once a hacker likely gets a hold of them it might read, Smile you're watching two monkey's screw in the zoo. 



George Orwell says I told you so in 1985



Hopefully we will soon get to the point where we are genetically engineering humans instead of leaving it all to chance. That way we can weed out genetic propensities for criminal behavior, bipolarism, drug addiction, ADD, ADHD, and other problems. When the human race is more emotionally, intellectually and ethically evolved (through humans being genetically engineered) then we will be far better off. But there will be no true progress of mankind with the progress of technology unless we evolve in every way possible, especially morally. Without honesty, honor, generosity, patience, etc. our technological progress will just be another problem.



Maybe you should take a look at some of our greatest people in history, and see how many of them would have been weeded out. I can think of many with the "problems" you described.

Other people would have replaced them, sure, and maybe they'd have done some great things too... but it's just a thought. Our weaknesses and our strengths are directly linked, more so than most people realize, I think.



I fail to see how that will EVER work considering that those traits aren't really genetic, but rather environmental. That, to me, sounds like a baby just being born, only to start killing people is what it sounds like. Granted, SOME traits might be genetic, but I really doubt seeing this happen and actually being enforced, and this is coming from a guy thinking some idiots just don't need to procreate or any of that.



I hope this isn't a serious post. It's hard to tell on the internet. Anyway, you can read "A Brave New World" if you want a glimpse of genetic engineering and all the possibilities that come with it.

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