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I got into this show during the first season and I've watched every single episode since then, usually as it aired. I really enjoy the show as a geek myself, but I must say that it's unfortunate how the direction of the show has degraded into focusing on everyone's sex life. While sometimes funny (especially Howard) sex jokes are the lowest form of humor and you cen tell when a show is running out of material when they end a season with everyone caught in a giant sex disaster. 

If you want amazing writing, look to the Dick Van Dyke show of old, that's probably the best example of sitcom comedy ever. The humor was occasionally derived from relationships and love interests but no one was sleeping around constantly and the characters had true depth.

(Un)fortunately for me, I don't think I'll stop watching - it just won't be my favorite show anymore and it'll probably be left to wallow on my tivo next season while I watch other things first.




I've been a lifelong NERD. I was a nerd when nerds were weirdoes who played with chemistry sets and breadboards while everyone else was trying out for little league.

I was a nerd who cried when I told my parents I wanted a computer and they brought home an Atari 2600. I was the nerdy teenager who had an after school job, not to save up for a car, but to buy that first computer.

I Love BBT so much... I watch it LIVE, as it airs... THE HORROR!!!!

Are its portrayals of geeks and nerds true to life and 100% accurate?
no, I'd say they are at best 96.367% accurate.

Does it stereotype those who find it difficult to interact with the opposite sex and suffer a lack of social skills, due to too much time spent indoors reading or studying computers and electronics?
yes... Face it, stereotypes exist because there are a great multitude of people who exhibit the stereotypical traits they are associated with. 

Should we be so uptight about how we were treated in the past, that we can’t look upon our behavior with humor?




If you're actually looking for good writing, look at Community (or The IT Crowd). Big Bang Theory is not particularly well written. Funny? Sometimes. Well written? Not so much.


Rich Sadowsky

For the nearly 30 years I've been in the software business I've watched the antics going on around me and thought "you couid make a great sitcom out of this stuff". Although the Big Bang Theory doesn't focus on the in-office antics of a software company, it at least pokes some fun at the nerds who populate the engineering departments at these companies. I really like the character development on the show. Sheldon has emerged as one of my favorite characters on TV. Penny does a great job of showing what happens when a bunch of geeks giggling at their own inside jokes come crashing into an attractive woman from the "regular world". Makes for some good commedy.

I will say that some of the writing went a little off for me the season before this one that just concluded. I found Penny and Leonard being together just too hard to believe for one thing! I miss Sara Gilbert making more regular appearances too. I had stopped watching the show as religiously this last season. But now that I have seen a number of episodes in rerun from this last season it seems the show had recaptured some of its mojo.



I couldn't agree more, it's just good television. I don't pay for cable and my TV is on about 2 hours a week... but guaranteed 30 minutes of that is to get my Big Bang fix.



I never really cared for this show.



Agreed. The Big Bang Theory is just awesome. 



Wow, it's sorely disappointing that you're into this show. This couldn't paint people who actually know something in a more stereotypical and disrespectful light. Well, I suppose a 99% or greater average of awesome is all you can really expect out of any one human being.



Absolutely one of my favorite shows on TV. I generally abhor sitcoms because 99.9% are so unfunny they are painful to watch. But this one actually makes me laugh out loud multiple times during a show.

That being said, I know it's filmed in front of a live audience, but they do also use a laugh track as well. There was a clip floating around on the Interwebs awhile back where they had the exact same scene with and without the canned laughter.



The only good thing about this show is eye candy Kaley Cuoco. Otherwise, the show is not funny and I cringe every time I catch a glimpse of it on my t.v. I must also say that any show created or produced by Chuck Lorre is truly for people amused by simple jokes such as fart jokes. I'm shocked, amazed and disappointed that you like this show David.

And btw, I'm in IT and went to school for programming.



David, netflix has given me Show Overload.  There is so much to watch, I can't watch it all.

While I respect your opinion that the show is great, can you mention maybe a few must-see episodes I could check out?  The idea of sitting down to watch 5 or 10 random episodes to see if I like it fills me with fear at the lost opportunity cost to watch other shows I already have on the DVD/Netflix queue.  Those aren't getting much attention either.

(there are so many entertainment options these days)



Y'know, IMHO just pick one. They are all pretty damned good. 



The Big Bang Theory was a show I somehow missed in its first few seasons but I caught up when a good friend of mine forced me to watch it because it reminded him of my antics.  I have to agree with a lot of your points about the glorification of sci-fi, comic book, technology, and other related areas reflected in TV and film now.  While I love The Big Bang Theory, I'd have to say that Chuck is my absolute favorite show that falls in or around this category.  Thankfully, after much fan petitioning of NBC, the show is saved yet again and allowed to end on its own terms this season.


P.S. - The "ue" on the end of monologue got chopped off somewhere in there.  No big deal.

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