Freeware Fitness -- Five Get-Healthy Apps That Cost You Nothing!



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This is a very nice application. I am happy to see that there are people who promote a healthy lifestyle, not only by focusing on a healthy diet but on sports as well. I have to say that it's not only the physical health that should be taken into account. The mental health is very important as well. My yoga teacher training program is very complex and he helped me realize some important things like how to manage the energy in my body and stuff like that.


James Harris

This is good for those people that are health conscious. This apps that are for health purposes but these are just simple apps nothing compared to the one personal trainers chicago can give.



Great apps, it is good way to control health and fitness by knowing some data behind. If there are phone version, that would be perfect.

Trampolines Australia


jillian grey

I agree! THis is definitely a great application if you want to look closely on how healthy are you or if your lifestyle is healthy. And good thing it is free! Instead of downloading those games that consumed big amount of space in your hardisk, this is the application that is more important.



I don't see anything wrong with computer assisted fitness. All the health clubs I've ever been to had some kind of software that kept records of my fitness exercises and diet. It's a lot faster to calculate how many calories your burning and how to adjust your diet accordingly.



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Features sites that focus on physical fitness, good nutrition, and exercise. Includes sites for health clubs, fitness experts, magazines, equipment and supplies, ...

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I’m impressed, you know what you’re talking about

<a href="">Beyond Six Pack Abs</a>



Be patience!

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With a combination of the calorie counter, recipe manager and gymgoal lite there is no excuse for not getting fit.  The last step is always down to personal determination to get away from the computer and do the exercise.  I'm a big fan of the rowing machine and find it hard to keep track of my caloric intake so the recipe manager will definitely help me step up to the next level of cardio training.  Thanks.



honorable mention: Cron-o-meter. "CRON-O-Meter is free, open source, and cross-platform dieting software."



10 points to Gryffindor!  And by that, I mean "3rdegreeburnador," as that app is an awesome catch.  Well-done.  ANd well-worth checking out!


Keith E. Whisman

David it's good to see you leaving articles here. How is your new career progressing or did you decide to stay at MaximumPC after all? 

If you've seen my pic then you know that I need alot of software like this. I just don't see how software is going to take away 120 pounds off my belly. I've stared at those pictures for a few minutes and I still feel just as fat as I did befor I looked at those pictures of the software.


You see if you have me in the pic on the bench there would only be room for one illustration.

That picture of me in the Feb issue was taken with a wide angle lens. I just filled in the picture.  



I'm keeping it real.  I write for a bunch of places, including dear ol' Maximum PC, so perhaps you'll see me around the 'Net.  : )

Haven't seen the picture.  But.  Uh.   Do enjoy the freeware tools, if they are of use to your.  er. Goals

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