Freeware Files: Your Secret is Safe with Your PC



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the "download it here" link for hide in pictures does not work...



oops!  You can always click on the name of any program to go there as well.  : )




Avoid any encryption scheme that claims to be portable yet requires you to install the portable application on the target computer such as Bitlocker in Windows 7

Portable Encryption Software should NEVER have to be installed on a target machine!


Avoid ANY Encryption software that requires registration over the Internet from the Target computer or software that ties the registration to a specific piece of hardware!

The only exception to this is illegal so I won't discuss it here!


Keep it on a computer that has NEVER been connected to ANY network, does not have a wireless keyboard, does not have a programmable keyboard while using a KVM switch and will never need a BIOS update if you are paranoid about what can be added to a BIOS these days

There is a lot more you need to know if its really important but you get the idea

If you are connected to a network, your Stupid

If you are connected to a network and are using Retail copies of XP, Vista or Windows 7, then I can't call you stupid because your not that smart!


For Military Secrets, Alien Technology and other Classified Data, Hardware Encrypted portable Hard Drives cannot be trusted unless Software encryption is used in addition to the Govt. Sponsored Hardware Encryption standard being used on the drive.

Hardware encryption is great for keeping the usual suspects out of your data, but when the suspect becomes the Govt. that sponsored the hardware encryption being used, its better to be safe than incarcerated, bludgeoned or killed!


 One of the most important ways to keep your encrypted volumes secure is to have your Boot Drive encrypted as well.

Nobody can add a keylogger or any other spyware if you are the only person who can access the boot drive!

and always remember...

Even Paranoid Schizophrenics have Real Enemies! 

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