Freeware Files: 5 Reader-Recommended Games, Apps, and Utilities!



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 Nice list... been looking foward to a login screen changer that doesn't take an hour to set up... wizmouse looks awesome. I'll definitely check it out.


  P.S. What is all that crap below!?




As referenced here you can get the 2010 edition for free as well.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 (32-bit)

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 (64-bit)



good roundup as per usual Murph!

 as per usual though I must inject a creation of my favorite software vendor that's ever-so-slightly superior (:

StarDock produces a program called LogonStudio that does a better job IMHO than TweaksLogonChanger (although I've nothing against it really)

SD LogonStudio has a paid version that adds interesting capability but an un-gimp'd freeware download is here:

you can even keep the freeware version updated via Impulse if you make a free account on it--better than steam! ( except in total choice to be fair)  obtw no I don't work @ StarDock sorry!


Mighty BOB!

About the login background changer, if that's the only function you want then that's probably the program to use since you don't want a bunch of bloat.  I personally use Ultimate Windows Tweaker since it lets you tweak a bunch of other things in Windows 7 sort of like TweakUI the power toy for XP.



Was able to change the logon screen on my netbook manually without issue.  My desktop did not appreciate my attempts to do so.  Logon Changer took care of that.  Great little tool.



I agree, LoL has a big lurning curve. That being said I came from DoTA. Great game, has a payment option but you are able to play 100% free. Been playing for the last 5 months.



I appreciate you using the suggestion and hope you enjoy it.  I got Gordon Freeman on my logon screen and love that software very much.



League of legends isn't completely new. Dota allstars is probably worth a mention here (though it's not exactly freeware; you need warcraft to play it). It's the game that inspired league of legends, demigod, and heroes of newerth. The format for all these games is dota's format, which in turn is based on the aeon of strife map in starcraft.

On another note, the guy behind dota allstars is working with valve to make a standalone game similar to dota. 



The guy who made DoTa allstars is on the dev. team for League of Legends. It's his brain child. So LoL is made by the same guy who made League of Legends.



You have a good point; guinsoo (the creator of dota allstars) is part of the dev team of LoL. However, you're giving him too much credit by saying dota (or LoL) is his brain child. Dota was made by Eul, who based it on the Aeon of Strife starcraft map. Guinsoo continued and popularized what Eul started. Guinsoo then stepped down and icefrog took over, balancing it and turning it into the highly competitive game it is today. 



Pretty cool to know! That sphereXP looks neat ^_^



League of Legends is a really fun game once you get in to it but be warned: the learning curve to get started is pretty steep.  Even more so if you don't know someone who can mentor you and answer your questions.

Still, it's a good game for the price of... oh right.



Been playingi t for over 7 months now. I love it.



Nice list Murph. Where the hell you been hiding?

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