Freeware Files: Five Unmentioned, but not Unappreciated, UI Apps for your Desktop!



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Don't go for 3dna. It hasn't been updated for well over six years. There is no support whatsoever. There are only a couple of people hanging around the forum that say they will fix the problems, etc. and keep saying they are working on it, but you will never have a problem resolved. I made the mistake of purchasing it about 6 or 7 years ago. There were bugs that prevented it from being used well on AMD systems and with ATI cards. They made excuses for 2 years about fixing the problem. I gave up on them. 3dna is no longer being supported, updated or anything else. DO NOT get 3dna.



3DNA seems like 3D microsoft bob to me after reading about it.  Hopefully it's use is better, cause we all know what a success microsoft bob was...

SharpEnviro looks to me to be a gnome desktop clone for windows.  Can anyone confirm or deny that the user experience is comparable in some way?  I much prefer gnome to the normal windows shell.



If you're an XP user that doesn't want to upgrade to 7, but would like the taskbar, check out ViGlance.  It does just about everything the 7 taskbar does. 



It just so happens I liked samurize! It was way easier for me to work with, it did have a bit of a learning curve but didn't take long before I had system meters and a cool clock made out of pie charts! The gui made it so I could actually TELL what was going on! And I never had crashes or instabilty, I can't however say the same about rainmeter, I've had glitches galore and its just a confusing jumbled mess, but it works on windows 7 so I use it

If a bear tries to dump in the woods but a tree falls on him with no one around, is the pope's hat still funny?



3dna installed a program that i hate to use or even see and that is the my search toolbar. I find it to be full of bugs and a piece of adware and do not like it on my system. I will not recommend this product.



If I'm correct, I believe you have to uncheck an option during the installation to avoid getting a toolbar on your system.  I hate programs that do this in the installer...



There was no such option for that and when I tried to give the site feedback about this the page would not appear therefore I decided to put it on your site. This has been the only piece of software I have ever had problems with that you all have picked.



My samurize days were spent permanetly screwing up my UI, having me do an emergency restore three times in one day,  but maybe I need to stop being so clumsy this time around..


But 3DNA looks awesome!

EDIT: Theres a pay version, which probably means the free version is cripped beyond belief. 


On the bright side, this inspired me to begin working with UI mods :o



Samurize deserves to die in a fire.  It would do nothing but crash and the editor was incredibly confusing. 

Imma Rainmeter fanboy....can you tell?

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