Freeware Files: Nine Must-Have Extensions and Apps for Google Chrome!



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So with Chrome Privacy Protector, since it's a downloadable program and not an extension, do you have to launch it every time you use Chrome or just once-for-all-time? Can't find anything on their website to answer the question.



I have been waiting for plugin support for chrome since chrome was first released.  When I saw this on MaxPC, I imedialtly, downloaded chrome again.  I installed it and went to xmarks site.  They sent me to Googles extension site, and lo and behold, you still need the beta version of chrome to do extensions!  How could you forgot to mention that MAJOR detail in your write-up.  You made it sound as if everything was in release status.   So your title should be:
Freeware Files: Nine Must-Have Extensions and Apps for Google Chrome!(BETA)!!!

 Oh well goodbye to chrome once again!



That's not a major detail at all. "Beta" does not mean "unstable." In fact, with Google, it means virtually nothing. If you want extensions, grab the beta build. 



Bingo.  And I'll add to this -- it's pretty common knowledge that the beta of Chrome is the version of the app that turns this functionality on.  But that doesn't mean it's a crash-filled or otherwise "true beta" version of the browser as one would commonly use the term.



First I've heard of the personal ID #.  Seems Chrome is getting a free

pass on this.  I don't remember being told about it during the install.

I don't care how fast it is.  I want what little privacy I can keep without

jumping through hoops. Trust Google?  Apparrently not!



I too would love to see more articles jumping down googles throats for this crap. I will not be using chrome just for this reason, and hope others will make this statement also. There's to much tracking as is and I don't like it and will not support it!




Xmarks is capable of syncing passwords as well, why install more addons than you need?



adblock destroys my browser speeds on my netbook :(





Adsweep with the MIT license works way better than adblock or adthwart. IMHO


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