Freeware Files: Five Apps for Dealing with Data, Data, and More Data



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Just rescued all my husband's time-critical work photos he accidentally deleted off his camera memory card. I didn't have any file recovery software so figured I'd check this web site for freeware app suggestions. Five minutes later those files are back, and I've got a really grateful spouse. Maybe I'll get a nice dinner out of it.

Thanks Murph! 





Well a great "File" program for FTP is Filezilla, love it like a child  ;)



teracopy, for the win!


Teracopy is the best copy function i've ever used, try it out!




they probaly are but im hoping all the programs are Vista 64bit compatible, i usualy dont have problems but theres always that bad egg that sneeks up on you. 

(for the other comment) i havent downloaded any of the programs yet but, i know programs like CPUZ would provide you with information like that. If not you could always crack open your computer case and take a gander inside to see.



 will SIW tell me the model number of a motherboard?

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I have the U3 version of SIW on my USB key and it gives Manufacturer, Model, Serial #, and a host of other motherboard-specific info. GREAT information tool to know every detail about your PC.

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