Freeware Files: Five Amazing Add-Ons for Your Favorite Apps!



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These add-ons are adorable. It perform amazing tasks. As it due big help, things are more enjoyable having these on favorite applications.

makita lxt211 18-volt lxt lithium-ion cordless 2-piece combo kit



Are you fluent in English even though it's not your primary native language? Do you know what a .NET resource file is and how to modify one? Then you may be the perfect person to help translate and localize this project. I'm looking for a few great translators for this project. You'll need access to Visual Studio 2010 and should have experience translating from English to your preferred language. This is a free hobby project so I can't offer great fortunes but I can offer immeasurable fame and recognition by placing your name on the acknowledgements page. Thank you! translation page.



Thanks for letting us know about it.

 My favorite current add-on is a greasemonkey script: Fluff Buster Purity. Goodbye annoying Mafia Wars and Farmville spam. Just make sure to update it frequently, since FB gets all huffy about us blocking those feed-clogging notices and keeps trying to break it.



Hey Murph!

I just wanted to say I really appreciate all the time you take find these great programs for us every Friday. I always look forward to your Freeware Files every week.



Thank you!  :D



 The SuperBar Monitors are awesome! Added them to my work PC. If only there was a network one...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



A network activity entry would be fantastic - however my main gripe is that each of these has a presence in the Alt-Tab swticher; when youre running 3-4 of these little apps, it also means 3-4 icons clogging up my Alt-Tab :(



if only I *had* windows 7 on my work PC...

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