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There's one thing I think of when Daylight Savings Time hits

Maybe you should post this one in March, when DST starts again. We just entered standard time.
It's ridiculous that we spend less than half the year in what we call "standard time", but that is another issue.



Ahh.  I was referring to the shift in general, but you are correct -- we're in standard, or "super-dark" time.  :)



Just because there's less daylight in the fall and winter months doesn't mean you need to be afraid of zombies. Actually it should make you feel safer. Zombies are cold blooded creatures. Once the temperature drops below freezing, simply run outside and away from the hordes of the undead and wait for them to freeze solid. Then you can take a leisurely stroll through the frozen forests of zombies, shattering their skulls with any manner of blunt object or firearm you please. Of course, if they find a way to infuse their systems with antifreeze, then you could be in for a bit of a fight.

To start press any key...ohh, where's the "Any" key. - Homer Simpson



 Well, they're not lizards. They're no-blooded. They have no need of
blood. But they do freeze nicely. Read "The Zombie Sruvival Guide" or
"World War Z". You may like them. I love the idea of blowing zombies up with mines!




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