Freeware Files: 5 Portable Apps to Stick on Your Security-Themed USB Key!



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Thank you for this post. This shall be followed through. Thanks for the guide.

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you dont need to have truecrypt installed to use it if you used the extract option in the installer. and going with the article im assuming the usb stick is being setup on another computer.



Any suggestions for a browser on a USB drive that would keep my web activity to the app on the USB drive rather than on the host PC?



I'd go for the FOSS Darik's boot and nuke on a bootable USB over active kill disk.

The rest of the stuff is quite useful though.



Well, I have Ubuntu fully installed on a secondary partition of my flash drive (Windows won't mount a flash partition if it's not first). I use the first partition for cross-platform file exchange.

Why would running sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/(drive to wipe) not be as effective as Active Kill Disk? I realize that DBAN takes forever because it goes over the drive several times, but what is the goal? For things not to be recovered, simply to kill malware, or to attempt to get some bad sectors working again?

 I know DBAN is used for killing sensitive info and potentially getting bad sectors back on their feet (highy situational), but if all one is trying to do is kill malware in the MBR or other bootsectors, why use Active Kill Disk?



If I'm correct, active kill disk is faster!


Mighty BOB!

Useful stuff!

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