Freeware Files: 5 Best Optical Drive Apps to Rip, Burn, Mount, and More!



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"I wish I could point to a better tool for ripping your DVDs and Blu-ray discs than Handbrake. Unfortunately, there isn't one." Yes there is and it's called MeGui. I have almost used most of the ripping tools and I haven't found anything yet better than MeGui. It has a very easy tutorials which anyone can learn without scratching their heads. and it handles all sort of videos including Blu-ray movies. Therefore, yes you can point to MeGui for a better for ripping DVDs and Blu-ray discs. IMO, MeGui is the best open source DVD and Blu-ray ripping software available on the net. 



DVD Flick is awesome I must say. It has a very good graphical interface and is extremely dummy friendly. I would like something more robust and diverse but for free this is great. Once you find out where to get, and make your own DVD Flick menu's the program becomes much better. I use it to make all my DVD's.  



I have been looking for another tool for virtual drives.  Not like there is anything wrong with what I use Daemon Tools for, its just nice to know of an alternative utility. 

I will definitely be giving Gizmo Drive a try on my work computer tomorrow.



I would like to hear about virtual CD programs that work with newer games, I use virtual drive but their game drive has been discontinued. Other programs I've tried don't seem to work as well.



No can do -- Maximum PC can't tell you how to bypass copy protection on games and such...



You mean like GameJackal? Basically, you install the game, start Gamejackal, run the game, and GameJackal analyzes and mimics whatever data the game reads from the drive. Then you can run the game without the cd/dvd. And the final copy doesn't take up 6+ gigs.



I tried GameJackal but it didn't work with some games, gamedrive worked and was legit, it didn't bypass anything it just work like the a virtual CD but it worked where others didn't



Ha, nice Lord of the Rings reference. Stupid Gollum...

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