Freeware Files: 5 Add-ons for Ultimate Email Tweaking!



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Outport is a program for exporting data from Outlook 2000 to various
formats, including HTML, text, V-card, Rich Text, Outlook item and
others. It offers special support for Evolution users (a Unix/Linux
organizer). It can be used to export your data for various uses,
including HTML copies of your email (e.g for CD archiving) or to
transfer data to other calendar or PIM programs. The interface is easy
to use and allows you to select the Outlook items to be included in the
export operation and to specify a conversion format for each.

I also works on office 2003 and now on 2007. I like it because I stores in regular file mode that can be opened with many other programs.



One of my best is Digsby.



+1 for Zindus

Zindus is a wonderful add-on to Mozilla Thunderbird.  For me, I use Thunderbird as my email client, and I have a Windows Mobile phone.  By using this add-on, I can sync my Thunderbird contacts with Gmail, and then use ActiveSync on my HTC TP2 to consistently update my contacts on my phone.  Full 2way sync without any poking or prodding: sweet!

Plus, as someone who often flashes new ROMs to his phone, the ability to sync with GMail becomes invaluable.



Glad to see you are a fan!  :D



   Thank for Zindu link, it is more than helpful more me, I was just thinking if there is a way to sync my gmail contacts with ThunderBird. I was even considering to input one contact by one.


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