Four Ways to Separate Open-Source Winners and Losers



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Paw Bear

 Your point is well taken that open source programs need improving, however I couldn't be more disgusted with the quality of much of the commercial programs I've paid for.  Time and again I've googled to find helpfor these programs.  With the billions spent on Windows development itself, I still have to search to resolve problems.  Acronis, Bitdefender, Diskeeper are just a few.  Why aren't these self- healing, or Windows itself?  I applaud developers of open source programs.  At least I know what to expect from them, productivity if not polish.



Indeed, i have had terrible luck getting help or paid programs, but the open source help forums are SUPER fast, and most people explain things so you know why something happens. I get every question on Ubuntu forums answered within 15 minutes. I asked a question in a microsoft forum for vista, it took 2 weeks. Same goes for free games, and retail, only retail game i've had fast response on help topics for is World of Warcraft....Call of duty's official forums took 1 month to get an answer to CoD4 when it was still one of the most played games on Xfire.

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