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I was semi shocked to see Geroge Jones leave =) Looking foward to seeing the next black and white photo of the Maxium PC Heritage.


Keith E. Whisman

I want to be your boss. I think I'll do a great job as EIC as I have absolutly no experience at all in editing anything, I've never even read a year book let alone edit one, so I should be able to at least as good a job as Will Smith. 

I think I was meant for this job. You believe in Carma and predisposition? Well I do and I believe I was meant to lead MaximumPC magazine to greatness or at least do as good a job as Will Smith. First off I will need a Mr.Smithers to be my right hand yes man and to rub my feet and draw my bath.

I believe MaximumPC should change directions, look at Hustler magazines popularity, it's popular because it has naked chicks in it. That is one thing I would change right off with MaximumPC. This magazine needs to do more than to just suggest that there might be porn on the internet.


There, please contact me with my start date and starting salary.  



if you become EIC, i suggest putting in GPU centerfolds, as well as a christmas calendar of naked pc parts.


serious about the GPU centerfolds - GPUS are getting larger, and need more space to show their goodies on a page.

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