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I usually only go on the forums whenever i have a problem that needs to be solved.  And then in the meantime i try and answer other ppl questions.



Unfortunately I'm already a member of so many forums already: Ubuntu Forums, Club RSX, Computer Forums, TechNet, Coding Forums...I'd like to stop in, but I have no time because of school (starting uni this fall), work (network tech @ uni), spending time with friends and girlfriend (which I don't mind), and other stuff, not to mention I am in the process of getting an apt...I should check it out sometime though when I have a chance.

@skelleman - I *hate* over-excessive mods. I was a mod once, I was relatively lenient, I basically just went after any trolls or spammers, but I've been to some forums where the mods were overstepping their power just because, not even allowing the word "crap"...I've never been banned or reprimanded though and I've been on forums since 12.



Your forum keeper is excesively hostile.

I posted once, following the rules, no lude language, vulgarite, rants or what have you...

Banned for life on first post for asking a question?

What is that about? makes me want to lose my membership.


Number Six

What was the question?



Something purely tame.  regarding some video tech vids I watched on the web.

had a couple of links in it to the you tube vids.

about some company with named unlimited graphics or something like that...

just wanted to know if it was legit or fake.

I never post rants, poor language or hate.  That type of thing eventually comes back to haunt people, but it was still so upsetting to get banned for no reason whatsoever.

Anyway, enough whinning.  Whats done is done.




It also depends on where you post it in the forums. I am a member of our forums and I fold for our team as well. Where did you post? It could have been flagged as spam because it was possibly posted in the wrong section and because of the links included. Was it your first post? Or were you a well known member with a few hundred posts? Its all reletive my friend.



forums can't be doing so well if you have to advertise them like this, just saying :X

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