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On the topic of the forums, ever since I made my third post, I can no longer see any of the threads when logged in. It concerns me because I didn't get a notification of my first 2 posts getting approved, but could still use the forums after they did. I did get the notification for the third one being approved, but can no longer do anything. I have to log out to see any threads or topics.



Hey this is Satchboy an admin with the forums.

Once you post 3 messages you should have been added to the Regular Users group and had the restriction lifted.  However you were added to the wrong group at that time.

I have corrected this so that you are in the proper group.




definatly cool, but i saw it first on


thank you for making publish to facebook opt in, not opt out.



Cool! I once saw on Daily Planet on an attempt to make an actual working replica of the bike. Surprisingly, it's funcitonal! :O


First a bike, then a computer case. and what's next? Tron themed android OS? xD

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