Five TinyURL Alternatives and the State of URL Shorteners



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I use to shorten URLs - it gets attention and click-thrus in posts and works wonderfully.


Khaled by is probably the shortest, until they introduce 1 letter tld.

If you want to check the url before entering the site (to avoid phishing scams) I suggest

it's a tinyurl parser.



I know I'm just another one of those readers with a 'but.. but.. you forgot (name)' comments, but I thought it was worth mention. I recently came across and the URL seemed to be the shortest and most intuitive that I've seen. I've been using them over recently for the extra character I get in my tweets.



I'll stick with and because they have the shortest URLs.



Of course, if you want the traffic statistics and ultimate control, you can host or even roll your own. Shaun Inman's Lessen let's you host your own with very little effort. And, if you need your own short domain, try for two letter TLD domains that you may not have heard of before (or try, and Just saying.



"Though this is all a packaged deal, you may forget to log in when you shorten a link, therefore losing your right to track stats."

Or... you could just add the plus sign (+) to the end of any link, which shows you the stats for said link.


1337Goose is my long time favourite. There was an article on MaxPC somewhere that mentioned that it had the fastest lookup time and the shortest urls. It really is true, always feels snappier. 




TinyURL is #1 for me because it is not case sensitive. I can type fast, but thinking about hitting the shift key in the middle of a word slows me down. It's also hard to be sure what character it is when reading it off paper. I think that MPC's switch to is the worst thing the magazine has done in years. (Closely seconded by not building an infinitely over the top dream machine and instead merging the DM and Budget Build issues (two of my favorites) into one issue a little better than either, but not as good as both together) )




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